Félix Trinidad responded about the possibility of a rematch with De La Hoya

Félix Trinidad respondió sobre la posibilidad de una revancha con De la Hoya

Felix “Tito” Trinidad said he was not interested in returning to boxing, much less doing a rematch against Oscar de la hoya.

“No, the truth is that I already lived my life in boxing,” he said. Trinity in interview for the program DAZN Boxing Show. “I am relaxing, enjoying my family. But I’m fine, here’s my family. I wish everyone who returns the success of the world. Oscar de la hoya, Canelo (Alvarez), and those who seek to become the best version of themselves, but my time in sport is over ”.

The Puerto Rican, currently 48 years old, assured that the sport has changed and he has not been tempted to return to the ring and put his gloves back on.

“Today’s boxing has regressed a bit,” he warned. Trinity. “I cannot specify the reason why that is the case,” he said in the DAZN Boxing Show

Tito Trinidad made it clear that currently the priority is his family, dedicating time to his daughters, and boxing has been little by little relegated.

“I spend most of my time with my family, my wife, my daughters and I dedicate my time to them and all my other interests,” he said. Trinity. “I should spend more time with my family and not so much boxing; however, the box gave me everything I have ”, he argued.

Asked if he might be tempted to coach younger boxers, Trinity He commented that if that idea has crossed his mind.

“To tell the truth, I’ve thought about it a bit,” he admitted.

The day that Felix Trinidad took De La Hoya undefeated

On September 18, 1999, in the so-called ‘Fight of the Millennium’, both fighters arrived undefeated to unify the welterweight titles.

It was a fight with controversial scores, and From the pot who seemed to have the upper hand, he set about boxing the final rounds. There, he took advantage Trinity to come back in the fight. The Puerto Rican took the victory by majority decision with scores of 115-114 and 115-113, while the third judge saw a tie at 114-114. Despite the controversy, and the closeness of the fight, the rematch between Trinity Y From the pot.

The last fight of Tito Trinidad It was on January 19, 2008, where he lost by unanimous decision against Roy Jones Jr.

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