The chronology of Boca Juniors’ chaotic night in Belo Horizonte

The chronology of Boca Juniors' chaotic night in Belo Horizonte

Scandal and incidents in Brazil, on a historic night. Boca Juniors scored two goals against Atlético Mineiro, one in each game, but the VAR annulled both and thus ended both games 0-0. Finally, they fell on penalties in the rematch and the team led by Miguel Ángel Russo was eliminated in the round of 16 of the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup. with a lot of controversy.

Boca Juniors’ night was far from ending on the pitch after being eliminated on penalties against Mineiro in the Copa Libertadores. The Argentine club was involved in a field battle in the Mineirão dressing rooms, and had two players identified by the police for crimes of damage to property.

The club, however, decided that the entire squad should go to the police station to accompany the footballers and members of the club’s Football Council involved. The Peruvian defender Zambrano and the Colombian forward Villa were some of those marked by the military police to explain their actions at first.

It was learned that eight members of the Boca squad were charged: in addition to Villa and Zambrano, there are Izquierdoz, Rojo, García, plus Cascini and Bermúdez, from the Football Council, and Gayoso, coach of the goalkeepers.

During the fight, they allegedly spat and attacked the police, in addition to having destroyed parts of the Mineirão and in some images Boca players can be seen throwing protection grids. The security forces must take legal action.

The images were captured and published on social networks. The leaders soon warned the police that no one would go to the airport, everyone would accompany the accused. And that happened, since they all went on the bus to the Belo Horizonte police station.

The intention was also not to break the bubble. “If some stay, we stay. We all go or none, “replied Miguel Ángel Russo, Boca’s coach. The players waited a long time inside the bus to find out if they should go to a police station to testify, which finally happened, already at dawn.

The Argentine consul in Belo Horizonte even went to the stadium to try to help resolve the matter, but could not prevent the defendants from having to give explanations to the police. And he accompanied them all to the police station in that city.

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