They evaluate whether Boca Juniors “broke the bubble” and must comply with isolation

They evaluate whether Boca Juniors "broke the bubble" and must comply with isolation

The Government of Argentina is studying the epidemiological situation of the Boca Juniors squad, due to the “contact outside of what was stipulated” that occurred at the end of the match against Atlético Mineiro, when a fight broke out that led to the transfer of several players to a Brazilian police station.

“We have to evaluate exactly how the transfer has been, the situation and all that. We have seen some images, but we need to have information from the club, from the AFA (Argentine Football Association),” said the Argentine Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, the statements to Radio the Network.

As he added, the forecast is to work as is done “with all epidemiological investigations.”

“You always have to receive formal information and based on that make the decision, that’s why we are going to make it on Thursday,” he said.

It could be considered that the bubble broke when giving statements at the police station, although CONMEBOL and the consulate deny it. Alina Moine reported in SportsCenter AM that, in case of having to serve seven-day isolation, the squad could do it jointly, as happened with River Plate, on their return from the preseason.

Boca Juniors lost his flight back to Buenos Aires after the fight that he unleashed the day before, in the dressing rooms of the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte, when he was eliminated from the Libertadores, and he will only be able to return to his country when those involved give their statement in a city ​​police station.

The confusion was caused by the Argentines after being defeated 3-1 by Atlético Mineiro and had to be contained by the Police who ended up transferring several members of Boca to a police station where they spent the night after confirming with the security cameras of the stage their responsibility in the brawl.

The fight came after Mineiro eliminated Boca Juniors 3-1 on penalties, after goalless draws in the first and second leg matches, and guaranteed their place in the Libertadores quarterfinals.

The Argentines, who protested the elimination of a goal that would have guaranteed them qualification for the quarterfinals after the referee consulted the VAR, as had happened in the match in Buenos Aires, began to provoke the Brazilian team still in the access tunnel to the field.

In addition to attacking Atlético Mineiro leaders and players, as well as members of the security team, the Argentines demolished protection stands, a sound amplifier and other objects, in addition to throwing bottles of water at their rivals.

Boca was scheduled to return to Buenos Aires around midnight on Tuesday but due to the incidents he had to cancel the flight and rescheduled it for 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday

Nine members of the delegation of the Argentine club were identified in the cameras by the authorities and are accused of assault and damage to property.

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