This is how Óscar de la Hoya trains for his return to the ring on September 11

This is how Óscar de la Hoya trains for his return to the ring on September 11

Oscar de la hoya He is determined to return to the ring and has been fully into training for several weeks to regain physical condition and strength for his return fight against Vitor Belfort in September.

Golden boy

He has shown on his social networks how his progress is going looking to be one hundred percent. On this occasion, he showed that he works on his speed of movements and strokes, in addition to refining his reflexes.

The plan of Oscar is to return to the ring next September and then make a second fight by the end of this 2021.

“The plan is to do a fight in September and do another in November. Then in Cinco de Mayo 2022 challenge the best boxer in the world who is Mayweather and if he doesn’t want to give me revenge, challenge the Canelo Alvarez“, He confessed.

At 48 years old, From the pot assured that he chose September 11 to put on his gloves again and face Vitor Belfort.

“I chose September 11 because it is the beginning of the National Holidays. We’re going to bust Las Vegas. To have an incredible billboard, it will be an event, not only of boxing, with music, of the greatest artists in the world. We’re going to bust Las Vegas. It will be something very special, “he declared for Los Angeles Times.

It should be remembered that From the pot retired in 2008 after losing to Manny pacquiao, and 13 roasted later it claims to be in perfect condition.

“I feel rested, I feel ready. I have already been training for several weeks. To be very solid, I am missing about nine pounds, “he said.

Óscar de la Hoya sends a message to Vitor Belfort

Golden boy assured his rival Belfort, former mixed martial arts fighter, who has a good jaw if you’re thinking about getting him a knockout

“I’ll get there in 170, fast strong. I have my jawbone, so I know if he hits me, okay, I’ll get ahead. You must be in shape, “said the president of Golden Boy Promotions.

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