Argentinos Juniors vs. River Plate – Game Report – July 21, 2021

Argentinos Juniors vs.  River Plate - Game Report - July 21, 2021

( services) – River Plate once again brought out its copera lineage. After the 1-1 in the first leg at the Monumental, with the advantage that the visitor goal meant for Argentinos Juniors, the team led by Marcelo Gallardo played a great game at La Paternal and won 2-0, with two conquests from Braian Rosemary. Thus, it is the only Argentine team to advance to the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores.

Taking advantage of the smaller dimensions than those of the Monumental, Argentinos tried to reproduce the pressure that it exhibited in the 1-1 of the first leg. But the Millionaire managed to overcome the suffocation by moving the ball, with dynamics and attitude. When he saw the roads blocked in short, he appealed to jump lines, as in Carrascal’s pass to Suárez, which led to Torrén’s warning. At 14 minutes, Romero, headed, had the first goal chance of the fight (his attempt went high).

The local countered with long balls behind the backs of the centrals or the wings, preferably Avalos or Cabrera. Precisely the Uruguayan came face to face with Armani at 19: the goalkeeper caught him, the attacker’s dribble was long and Enzo Pérez came to the rescue.

In a context again of pressing against pressing, an error broke the match. At 35, Quintana slipped in the middle of a visiting touch and Braian Romero did not hesitate: he outlined and took a furious right to sign the 1-0 and his first conquest with the red and white jersey.

Immediately, Suárez took advantage of the fact that the defender was influenced by his failure, overcame it and tried a balloon over goalkeeper Chaves. Kevin Mac Allister managed to serve standing on the line.

Argentinos almost found the tie at 42, after a shared error between Carrascal and Zuculini. They did not understand each other at the start, Mac Allister recovered and yielded for Hauche, who solved the body of the millionaire goalkeeper.

The owner of the house bet to find a game in the complement, with the entry of Florentín by Cabrera. But at 8 minutes, River hit again: in a counter express, Suárez stepped on the area and touched for Romero, who, throwing himself forward, with effort, managed to connect to celebrate the 2-0.

The shout finished giving control of the game to River. Although those led by Gabriel Milito pushed, willingly, centers or long balls, the bottom of the visit offered few fissures. And in reply, he was always more incisive. For example, at 16, when Carrascal ran a pitch from Angileri, the local centrals slept, the link anticipated and scored. But the VAR detected that in his attack the ball bounced off his arm. And the action was canceled.

With their own love, Argentinos arrived a couple of more times, but the best Armani emerged again; the one who is called to intervene little, but resolves with hierarchy. And after an irregular start to the semester (we must add Sunday’s defeat to Colón in the debut in the Professional League), the Band began to show its best appearance.

For that, of course, he had to find a goal key again after Borré’s farewell. For something, Gallardo asked for Braian Romero (the club invested 3 million dollars for 80% of the chip) and threw him on the field with just a handful of practices. He understood that it was a solution. And at least this cup series proved him right.

River will be measured in the quarterfinals against Atlético Mineiro, an entity that has just left Boca on the way in a controversial crossing that was resolved through penalties. The first crossing will take place between August 10 and 12 and the rematch the following week.

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