Barcelona takes firm steps in the renewal of Messi: “It is a dream that he is still here”

Barcelona takes firm steps in the renewal of Messi: "It is a dream that he is still here"

BARCELONA – Joan Laporta once again sent an optimistic, but cautious message regarding Lionel Messi’s continuity at Barcelona, ​​stating that the Argentine “wants to continue, he has always said so, and there is no doubt about it. We are progressing at all times. negotiations that involve a contract of this type because it is working very well and it is a wish that we all have, a dream that we want to make come true, that it will continue for many years here. “

The Barça president refused to go into details and explained that everything “is progressing adequately. We are very happy with the attitude of the parties, putting the cards on the table to be all satisfied. Now Leo is on vacation, deserved, and has his team working here to close the best deal for all. “

Surprisingly, Laporta warned that Javier Tebas and LaLiga are not making all the efforts especially difficult, either for Messi or for the other players “who may be registered.” In this regard, the president recalled that “the restrictions we have are caused by the inheritance we have received at the club and the ratio imposed by LaLiga does not make it easy for us … We must follow the rules even if they seem very strict”.

“We have confidence”, revealed the Barça president in terms of “reducing the salary mass of the staff and finding other types of solutions that we are also studying. There is good will on the part of LaLiga and Javier Tebas because he is the first interested in that the great players are in LaLiga. We try to follow the rules and although it is a problem that I cannot deny that it exists, I am sure we will solve it. “

“The players at the beginning reacted with surprise, but they understand the situation and want to find solutions,” Laporta explained, referring to the salary cuts that they want, need, to impose on the squad.

“We speak with the players, due to the financial situation that we have encountered and that forces us to work in this scenario. The players are having a very good attitude because when they have seen the reality of the situation they have shown great human quality. They are professionals but they are listening to the proposals to find solutions, “declared the leader, rejecting, at least in the face of public opinion, that there are differences with the heavyweights of the staff in terms of retouching their contracts.

“With Messi we hope to be able to announce soon the news that we all want and that he will continue with us for many years” resolved Laporta, knowing that in order to find that final solution with Leo he must first fit many numbers with the rest of a squad that he squeezes together with his football director in private even though he throws flowers at him publicly.


Joan Laporta and Mateu Alemany were conclusive and clear in advising both Pjanic and Umtiti to find a way out of the club. “We are talking with his agents,” Alemany acknowledged, after the president expressed that at the club “we respect all the players, but we speak with them in all honesty … And we are talking about two players who had very little prominence in the last season. We hope that if we are reluctant about how to approach next season, we will tell him. “

Alemany was clearer, saying that all Barça players “know what their situation is. These two have great prestige and know the coach’s opinion and the possibilities they may have this season. With the utmost respect, with their agents, we value the possibilities that may come out because they are the first interested because they want to be guaranteed to play where they go. “

Barcelona communicated several weeks ago both to the agents of the two players and to them personally that they are not part of the club’s plans and the French defender was even offered the letter of freedom, which he rejected from the outset. Pjanic keeps open the possibility of returning to Juventus, with the personal endorsement of Allegri although the Italian club does not even consider the option of disbursing money for a transfer and is reluctant to, in a transfer, take over the entire salary of the midfielder, which means an annual expense for Barça of more than 12 million dollars.

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