“Being a judge is different from watching a fight as a fan”: Nelson Vázquez speaks, judge who gave 117-111 in Charlo vs. Castaño

Nelson Vazquez y Brian Castaño

Nelson Vazquez, judge who gave the win on the cards by 117-111 to Jermell charlo on Brian Castaño, spoke after the multiple criticisms received for his controversial score.

“Being a judge of a fight is very different from seeing it as a fan,” said the judge in an interview for The Gondol. “As a fan you can chat with friends or drink, while as a judge you have to be completely focused.”

The fight sought to unify the super welterweight belts, but there was a majority draw. This, after a judge scored 115-113 in favor of Chestnut, another saw a tie by 114-114 and the judge Nelson Vazquez saw 117-111 in favor of Charlo. Despite the differences, Nelson He assured that his score is nothing strange.

“If the other judges had voted 117-111 for ChestnutSo if I had said there was something strange, “he said. “But it was not like that, and each one made a different decision. It was a close fight, but in the sense that there were a lot of even rounds. And that is always a matter of appreciation. A judge can see it in one way and another in another ”.

It should be noted that, according to the records of CompuBox, Chestnut landed more than 20 punches over Charlo during combat (173-151). However, according to the judge, this is not a factor in assembling his card, since it is the power shots that matter.

“It’s the usual, quantity versus power,” he commented. “And I have never had a controversy, much less one in which the bodies make other judges watch a fight again when there is a questionable decision.”

Vazquez has been awarded seven times as the best judge of Puerto Rico by AMB and has been present in 191 world title fights. He has been active since 1977 and during his life he combined his work as a judge with 40 years as a policeman in Puerto Rican territory.

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