Jessica Salazar: “Our duty is to defend our colors on the courts, not on the desks”

Jessica Salazar: "Our duty is to defend our colors on the courts, not on the desks"

The Mexican cyclist does not want any athlete to go through this situation of uncertainty in the face of the Olympic Games

After announcing the rectification of the Olympic square in the Speed ​​test for Jessica Salazar, the Mexican cyclist in an interview for ESPN expressed that her main task as a high-performance athlete is to defend her place on the court, not at a desk. Just as the World Runner-up did because it was she was not considered for the test of which she won her place for Mexico.

“The truth is an inexplicable uncertainty that I do not wish for anyone and that this is happening in these types of situations. Our duty is to defend our colors on the courts but not on the desks.”

Jessica Salazar was registered to participate in the Olympic Games in the Omnium Test, however the Mexican made the decision to abdicate that nomination and renounce her participation in the Olympic Games, since that had not been the test in which she originally won the olympic square. On the contrary, the Mexican Cycling Federation rectified the decision to grant the Mexican her place.

I do not want this to be media, but to be fair and to be respected. We are the ones who break our backs and the truth is not fair. It hurts me to know that we have to go through this and it was not the intention, to involve the federation because it is not my area. My scope is to fight for sports and for all the effort I have made in my country. I do not know what to say. It hurts me a lot”.

Jessica Salazar commented that for a month she has lived an environment of uncertainty in which she has not allowed her to develop a possible participation for Tokyo 2020 in the correct way.

“It’s a hard blow, a month ago I woke up with the fact that they mistakenly enrolled me in a test that is not mine. The representative that should be taken is not being taken and now I wake up that they give me the place. No I would like no athlete to go through this situation. I think it is also important to say this, that it is not easy. It is not only the dream of going, but of representing with dignity and exposing what has been done in five years. But also that they remember that they broke my soul and my dream“.

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