Peñarol vs. National – Pre-Match – July 22, 2021

Peñarol vs.  National - Pre-Match - July 22, 2021

(EFE) – The epic of recovering the adverse result of the first leg against the condition of favorite of the team that scored the court at someone else’s home (1-2) and that now defends its advantage in the Champion of the Century. Thus the way was marked for the return of the round of 16 of the South American Cup between Peñarol and Nacional.

The victory of the aurinegro team seems deceptive when the performance of one and the other on the field of play is put into perspective. Peñarol’s superiority over its traditional rival was such that it not only dominated on scoring occasions, but also in ball possession and game control.

However, the goal of the Argentine Gonzalo Bergessio at the end brought Nacional back to life to have, at least, an iota of hope that allows him to write an epic episode in a tournament in which he reached the quarterfinals in 2018.

For this, the coach of Nacional, Alejandro Cappuccio, strongly questioned by the defensive approach of the first leg, will have to make variants that allow him to bet on the offensive game and that offer alternatives that the entire attack depends on Bergessio or the young Brian Ocampo.

Armando Méndez would enter on the right side while Camilo Cándido would go from midfield to left side replacing Christian Almeida, one of the most criticized in the first leg.

Likewise, in the center of the field Felipe Carballo would take ownership, and ahead he would bet on speed with the returns to the playing field of the Argentine Leandro Fernádnez -suspended to play the first leg- and the young Alfonso Trezza.

Peñarol, meanwhile, is faced with the dilemma of going back to bet on an offensive game and control of the ball or take refuge in his field to take care of the result obtained seven days ago.

Due to the style of his coach, Mauricio Larriera, everything indicates that he will repeat the performance that captivated many at Nacional’s home instead of completely changing his style of play.

The only doubt in Peñarol is on the left side, since Joaquín Piquerez had a sprained ankle that has caused him discomfort these days, although he is expected to arrive in conditions for the decisive classic.

In this way, the Champion of the Century, with its empty stands due to covid-19, will witness one of the most important Classics of the last decades, which will go down in history as the first international crossing in which both played in its fields (and not in the Centenario Stadium) and because of the expectation that this duel that divides a country in two always generates.

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