A detainee in the vicinity of the Olympic stadium during the Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony

The protesters went to the surroundings of the Olympic Stadium and although there were no clashes, there was one detainee for the protests against the Olympic Games

A man was arrested by Tokyo police in the vicinity of the Olympic Stadium when he demonstrated against the Olympic Games, during the celebration of the opening ceremony.

Susumu Yamamoto, 40, of Fukuoka Prefecture (southwest Japan) was with dozens of protesters in the Shibuya district, close to the Olympic Stadium, when he was arrested for allegedly obstructing the work of the police force, according to the local newspaper Nikkei.

The protester would have grabbed the wrist of one of the agents who were deployed throughout the day in the host capital, according to the account of the Japanese media.

The person involved was silent during the interrogation, he is part of one of the opposition groups to the celebration of the Olympic Games that from the morning went to the surroundings of the Tokyo Olympic Stadium to show their opposition with banners and slogans against international competition.

The protesters, coming from all over the city, marched hours before the opening to finally settle in the vicinity of the Olympic Stadium. Their screams were audible during the first bars of the opening event due to the lack of public inside the stadium as a measure to avoid contagion by Covid-19.