Dominican Republic seduces big names in sports

Lionel Messi has decided to vacation in the Dominican Republic, joining the list of important athletes who have visited the Caribbean country to escape the siege of the searchlights.

Dominican Republic has it all”, Or at least so says the advertising spot that the country uses abroad to refer to its beautiful beaches, marvelous mountains, rivers and paradisiacal landscapes. Thanks to this, the country is the preferred tourist destination of millions of people in the Caribbean, according to the official figures offered by the corresponding authorities.

From this reality they do not escape great athletes who also, from time to time, want to escape from daily responsibilities and rest or spend quality time with their families. This is the case of the Argentine soccer star, Lionel messi, who is currently enjoying the Dominican beaches in Punta Cana.

Messi joins an important list of athletes who have visited Dominican lands, especially for vacation.

Michael Jordan is a frequent visitor to the Dominican Republic and on more than one occasion has been captured in videos in the area of Punta CanaWhether it’s lounging around, signing autographs for some fans, playing golf, or going fishing, an activity the former basketball player seems to enjoy quite a bit.

Other stars of the NBA have also been in the country to spend their vacations, as is the case of Dwayne wade, who arrived in the Caribbean in 2018 or Shaquille O’Neal, who has repeatedly said that he wants to have a house in the Dominican Republic and was the protagonist of a funny photo in which he held a former president of the Republic in his arms and finally, Karl MaloneHe has been a frequent visitor to the country, even entering into businesses related to the world of tobacco.

The seven-time champion of Formula 1, Lewis hamilton is another athlete who was seduced by the Dominican beaches. In 2019, the pilot of Mercedes was visiting the eastern tourist area and shared a photo while sipping a piña colada.

The number one racket in the world, Novak Djokovic, as well as Rafael Nadal, have been visiting the Dominican Republic for sightseeing. The first made a family trip to see multiple places in the Caribbean territory, while the second has properties and is even the promotional figure of a complex of houses in The Roman.

From the world of wrestling, figures as legendary as Ric flair and as current as Seth rollins, Becky lynch Y Sasha banks They have strolled along Dominican beaches during their vacations amid breaks in their activities with Wwe.

Dominican Republic It has shown that its tourism has everything, for everyone, even for the greatest athletes on the planet.