It’s worth dreaming, Mexico

Lainez and Vega the best in the 1x1 for Mexico in victory over France in Tokyo 2020 Olympic debut

There is still a long way to go, but the promising start allows the Mexican fan to dream of the second gold medal.

The Olympic activity just started for Mexico and the debut has looked promising.

Let’s start with the Mexican team. Sure, it was the first meeting of three. However, what better way than to start on the right foot with the resounding score of 4-1 against France.

It is one thing to be able to count on different Mexican talent that we have seen born and mature over a few seasons in the MX League, but another is knowing how to make them play. It seems that this is what Jaime Lozano has achieved, at least against the team led by André-Pierre Gignac.

Among outstanding individualities, what he did stands out Diego Lainez within the field.

Lainez faces without fear, gets on the motorcycle and overflows with ease. It seems that this guy that we saw Real Betis leave so young has reached an important maturation point and is wanting to reflect it at an unbeatable moment for the national team.

In addition to the Betis element, those of Guadalajara shone. Alexis Vega scored a goal, a great goal and Uriel antuna He entered the field of play with everything. It is a squad full of young talent, which has also been able to combine with significant experience.

Obviously when I talk about experience we have to highlight the performance of Guillermo Ochoa. Who, beyond arriving to support young people, is living his Olympic dream playing his first minutes in the summer tournament.

The constant comparison is made of what that generation was in London 2012. Those of Luis Fernando Tena on that occasion, they did not start in the best way. It was a 0-0 draw against South Korea that was described at the time as a “stumble.” The story ended in glory with the gold medal in hand against the powerful Brazilian team of young Neymar.

If 2012 started with a ‘stumble’ and ended in gold, why not think that a start on the right foot can have the same conclusion?

There is a lot left Jaime lozano He runs it with a combination of a managerial mentality with a player touch to motivate his players not to lose the floor. The next rival of the Tri sub-23 will be Japan, who also already had their respective victory in the debut against South Africa hitting him 1-0.

There is still a long way to go, but the promising start allows the Mexican fan to dream of the second Olympic gold medal in the history of Mexico in men’s soccer.

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