Naomi Osaka starred in a historic moment

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka was in charge of lighting the Olympic cauldron at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium at the opening ceremony of the Games in the Japanese capital.

Osaka climbed the steps that opened before her in the structure that raised the cauldron, spherical in shape and designed by Oki Sato, who was inspired by the sun to shape it.

The cauldron, strangely out of place, placed in a structure on the pitch of the stadium, It was located on the premises after its construction, as its architect, the architect Kengo Kuma, did not include it in its original design.

The tennis player received the flame of a group of six students from the prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, the most affected by the natural and nuclear disaster of March 2011 and whose reconstruction was originally the central theme of the Games.

Osaka became the first tennis representative to light an Olympic fire throughout history. And in the last of the 10,515 relievers that for 121 days toured the 47 prefectures of the archipelago, in most cases off the street due to the pandemic.