The ceremony of the Olympic Games, to the rhythm and color of Japan

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games began the opening ceremony this Friday to the rhythm of the most Japanese tradition, with the wood and the history of its capital as protagonists under the white and red lights of its flag.

Tokyo, the host city of the international event, formerly known as Edo from 1603 to 1868, featured one of the characteristics that flourished during this period, the use of wood and carpenter work, traditional symbols of careful Japanese work and architecture. .

The dancers, dressed in “haori” or kimono jackets, as the workers of the time used to wear, threw themselves on wooden scaffolds, striking like carpenters this element, essential in Japanese culture.

To the rhythm of a popular song, a tribute to the Edo Firefighters Association, essential before and now in the country to safeguard these structures from fire, the cast of actors was deployed in the center of the Olympic Stadium.

Led by a powerful Miki Maya, a well-known actress from the Takarazuka women’s theater, they carried the Olympic rings, made of a very special wood and four meters in diameter, to the center.

In the 1964 Games, the first Olympics in Japan, athletes from the different participating nations carried tree seeds that were planted in the country and today, fifty years later, the wood from their trees returns to the National Stadium in the form of rings. .

The National Stadium, designed by Kengo Kuma, also reveals the importance and tradition of wood in the country, as its structure is clad with the wood of the 47 prefectures of Japan.