Andrey Amador debuts Costa Rica at the Olympic Games with a high-level performance

The Costa Rican rider played a great role and thus signed his third participation in the most important sporting event in the world

The cyclist Andrey Amador had an outstanding participation in the premiere of the Costa Rican athletes in the Olympic Games in the long and complicated road cycling event.

For more than six hours, the Tico was pedaling steadily, overcoming the hard slopes of the road and enduring all the heat that affected all the athletes who went out to competition to finish finishing the 234 km of route in position number 68 with a time from 06h: 21: 46

Amador, sole representative of Costa Rica In this race he had to manage to compete alone, he stayed a long time close to the group of Spanish cyclists where his former Movistar Team partner Alejandro Valverde.

A group of eight riders fled under the command of the Venezuelan Aular Sanabria but the main squad decided not to pay more attention to it than they should, they knew there was a long way to go and that they had to remain well positioned at the key points of the competition.

The Tico had a good strategy, he managed to keep up with the main squad of runners, not having a team was not an impediment for him to Andrey Amador fight, he was a warrior who managed to overcome the obstacles of the way and the environment to be the protagonist.

As the hours and kilometers passed, the cyclists who could not keep up with the others were withdrawing from the competition, but Amador did not slow down, he continued in the peloton, he stayed together until the ascent to Mount Fuji arrived, where a part of the group began to approach the escapees who went from having a difference of 14 minutes to only 9 with 92 km to go.

The runners continued on their way, the escape was diluted and the peloton began to crack but Amador did not go down, he remained strong among those who were pushing despite the hard effort of so many hours pedaling but it was difficult for him to stay close to the protagonists.

In the absence of 25 km the unexpected happened, the Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz and Brandon McNulty separated and went to the front in search of the medal, with a first group of pursuit which included Tadej Pogacar and Rigoberto Urán, among others, while Amador was had been left behind.

With around ten km to go, Carapaz and McNulty’s advantage over the chasing group was reduced from 40 seconds to 15, it seemed that they were going to hunt them but Richard Carapaz still had energy to fulfill the last 5 km and went to the front to finish with the medal in his hands.

Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz was proclaimed champion of Olympic Games, the gold medal was left with a time of 6: 05: 26, followed by Wout Van Aaert with the silver medal and Tadej Pogacar with the bronze, both culminating with a time of 6: 06: 33 that had to be defined in photo finish after a very intense sprint.