Banfield vs. Boca Juniors – Game Report – July 24, 2021

Banfield vs.  Boca Juniors - Game Report - July 24, 2021

The match, for the second round of the Professional League, had very special seasonings, which gave equality a taste of victory for the Xeneizes.

Boca could not count on its headlines due to the isolation to which it was subjected after the controversial return from Brazil. For this reason, and as the date was not postponed, the boys from the Lower Schools had to appear at this historic meeting.

The most striking thing was that they had played just a day before, for the Reserve tournament, and they arrived with very few hours of rest against a better prepared opponent.

In spite of all the performance of the xeneizes boys, with an average of 20 years of age, it was very commendable. Not only did they go out to play as equals, but at times they were superior to the rival.

Of course, in the last minutes they suffered a lot from the fatigue and cramps that were felt. Despite everything, under a torrential rain that also took off legs, they rose to the occasion.

The truth is that Banfield could never enter the game. He did not find spaces or the rhythm of the game to reach the Lastra arch, with very safe interventions. In one of the few arrivals of the Drill, the goalkeeper covered a great header from Pons that could have been 1 to 0.

It was one of the few Banfield situations. Xeneize came out to attack and look for the match and had some performances to highlight. The Barco boy, just turned 17, who had made his debut against Unión last week, was one of the figures.

But there were also outstanding performances, such as Laborda, Vega, Mancuso, Equi Fernández …

Boca had one of the clearest with a great shot from Montes who kissed the crossbar; Aranda, with a header, sent the ball close to Altamirano’s right post after a free kick from Barco.

On the left wing, Antre Barco and Escalante generated overflows and plays that complicated the local defense.

Vega, meanwhile, was close with a shot that went close to Escalante’s left post.

In addition, Banfield did not manage to manage the game either before the enthusiasm and energy of the xeneizes kids. One of the clearest of Boca was on the feet of the admitted Bodencer, by the injured Almirón, who covered the goalkeeper.

As the minutes went by, the visitor stopped pressing as before due to fatigue and Banfield, despite the disorder and lack of play, arrived a little more at Boca’s goal with many centers that Lastra contained very well and some deflected shot that he could be more dangerous. In one of the clearest, the kid Barco and Lastra’s hands saved a dangerous entrance to the Cuero area.

The six minutes of added time added more drama to the game, with many Boca boys cramped, but the result did not change. It was a 0-0 draw and in terms of merits, Boca could take something else.

Those close to him in the stands said goodbye to the team with the classic “let’s go, let’s go kids.” For Boca it was a positive performance: 14 kids from the club made their debut, they made their mark, showed personality and made it clear that it is not necessary, in many cases, to look outside to strengthen a squad. It was undoubtedly a historic match for Xeneize.

Now, with more rest, they will have to prepare for Tuesday’s clash, in the classic against San Lorenzo in La Bombonera.

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