El Tri and its two faces, Mayor and Olímpico, make up an encouraging present and future for Mexico

El Tri and its two faces, Mayor and Olímpico, make up an encouraging present and future for Mexico

The Mexican National Team faces a double challenge when competing in simultaneous tournaments, with the responsibility of confirming that it is the best of Concacaf in the Gold Cup, and also with the illusion that it represents to seek its second medal in the Olympic Games, increased by the great performance in his debut in Tokyo against France.

Two ‘Tri’, two ambivalent faces, but both with very valuable resources. Both fronts have a complicated process due to absences and injuries, but it is striking that there is no lack of resources, since they have even given themselves the ‘luxury’ of leaving out players who in other circumstances would have the label of ‘indisputable’.

El Tri mayor faces the Gold Cup with notable losses. Raúl Jiménez, injured since November, is just beginning his return to intense activity with Wolverhampton, and could be the best reinforcement for the start of the tie.

The injuries of Andrés Guardado and Hirving Lozano also depleted Martino’s squad in a Gold Cup where Mexico left doubts in the first phase, but that must be resolved without problems today against Honduras.

In addition, the absence for ‘technical’ reasons (or will they be personal, as is stated in all the media?) Of Javier Hernández, was covered with the call of Rogelio Funes Mori, who already showed his ability to make Chicharito forget. Those luxuries leave a sense of relief, as with the return of the injured there could be a bigger deck for the playoffs.

To this must be added the good demeanor that Mexico presents in Tokyo. The exhibition against France, where there are three major reinforcements covering the exciting litter led by Diego Lainez, Alexis Vega, Eduardo Aguirre, Sebastián Córdova, Uriel Antuna, César Montes, Carlos Rodríguez …

And there is a fourth group, in addition to the elderly, the Olympians and the injured … The discards that, unlike Chicharito, are out of the process for different reasons.

José Juan Macías was left out of Olímpicos due to an injury, although he recovered “magically” to hasten his presentation and debut with Getafe. Although he failed to stand out in the last year, his move to Europe could serve in the future, although he will have more competition than ever and his first tournament in Spain will have to be really highlighted to be considered again.

The rest would be players who deserve a second chance, such as Alejandro Mayorga, the ‘Avión’ Ramírez, Juan Pablo Vigón, Santiago Giménez, Alan Mozo, Alan Cervantes. Others who have not been part of Martino’s processes and who play in Europe, such as Omar Govea, Marcelo Flores, Jesús Gomez, Eugenio Pizzuto …

Thus, it seems that Martino will find, after all, and despite the result he achieves in the Gold Cup – which in the event of losing it would be a resounding failure – one of the largest decks in memory for the Mexican National Team, so we will see if he sticks to staying with the same current group or dares to include more players.

The present of the Tri looks promising … and the future even more.

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