Endler, focused: "We have one more game left, which for us is a final"

Christiane Endler, goalkeeper for the Chilean Women’s National Team, drew good conclusions from what the Red did in their second Olympic match. An otherwise historic match, as Karen Araya scored Chile’s first goal in the five-ring discipline.

The captain said at the end of the game: “We were close, especially the second half, we realized that we could do more damage to Canada, we were almost on the verge of drawing, but we are competing with great teams. We have one more game left, which for us is a final.”

For the Olympique de Lyon goalkeeper, that last game against Japan is more than key. “It always helps to play with people, and when you play with the local the more you want to beat him, we are going to play that final and hopefully win it, to go to the next round, which is our goal”, commented.

La Roja will face the Japanese next Tuesday at 07:00, at the Miyagi Stadium in Sendai.