Gabriela Bayardo and other athletes who stopped representing Mexico

Due to different situations, Mexico has lost elite athletes and the last one left a silver medal for another delegation

Gabriela Bayardo took silver in Mixed Team Archery and it was not a surprise due to her good aim. However, he stressed that the medal was won for the Netherlands and not for Mexico where he is from.

Born and raised in Tijuana, Baja California, Bayardo represented Mexico at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and obtained fifth place in women’s doubles with Alejandra Valencia, but five years later, she touched Olympic glory, albeit under another banner.

Today he is not only Bayardo, but his last name became Schloesser-Bayardo after he decided to move to the Netherlands after falling in love with Mike Schloesser, who is also a high-performance athlete and competes in the same discipline.

Today’s silver medalist is not the only one who has changed colors and stopped representing Mexico officially in some competitions. Over the years, there are cases of athletes who left the Mexican delegation to carry another flag.

Linda Ochoa | United States

After alleging problems with the Archery Federation because they did not support her or give her the necessary clothing for her sport, in 2019 she decided to go with her neighbor to the north. With Mexico he won gold in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Mayagüez 2010.

Jonathan Ruvalcaba | Dominican Republic

After not being considered for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the Guanajuato diver stopped representing Mexico to go with the Caribbean island. While he first tried his luck with Colombia, in the end it was the Caribbean island that adopted him for the Gwanju World Championship in 2019.

Kevin Chavez | Australia

The diver decided to go with those from Oceania after an injury that left him out of the Mexican delegation. After his rehabilitation, the national team invited him to participate under their colors thanks to an invitation from Salvador Sobrino.

Paola Pliego | Uzbekistan

After not being able to compete in Rio 2016 due to doping problems, the fencer accused and revealed corruption in the Conade due to the alteration of tests, since her anti-doping test presented errors in the process, a situation for which the Conade had to close its laboratory. Given this, he decided to participate for the Uzbek country, of which he has nationality.

Damien Villa | United States

Taekwondoin announced in 2018 that he was leaving Mexico to go with his neighbor to the north, of which he has nationality, due to personal issues, as he imagined that he would have a greater opportunity to fight for an Olympic place with that country.

“I have decided to compete for my other nationality which is American. Taking into account that only two athletes per country can compete in each weight category in the GPs (Grand Prix), and in Mexico there are already 2 athletes of excellent level with those very fixed quotas, I am looking to participate again in events of that caliber now. that my ranking is high enough to be able to do it ”, declared Villa at that time.