Hindu won 45-18 against Regatas on date 2 of the URBA Top 12

Hindu forcefully defeated Regatas 45-18, has a streak of two consecutive victories in the URBA Top 12 and will host Belgrano Athletic on the third date. On the other hand, those of Bella Vista reaped two defeats so far in the contest and on the following date they will visit Newman.

Hindu began with possession of the ball, inhibiting the possibility of prominence for Regatas. Lucas Camacho He was in charge of giving the first party of the afternoon to the visiting team five minutes into the game. However, the locals pushed into foreign territory until the long-awaited try came from Alejo Barrera.

Don Torcuato’s team took strength and inclined the court on 22 of those of Bella Vista and Nicolas Leiva He stretched the lead with a classic line and maul play. Without being able to get out of that nightmare, Regattas tackled solidly until an assist of Nicolás Amaya on Santiago Fernández who placed a spectacular try in his 200th match in the Hindu Primera. In this way, the visit went to rest 24-11 up

The complementary stage was full of tries. Martín Cancelliere, just 180 seconds after starting, billed, although quickly Francisco Pisani he supported his own, but it was not enough to stop Hindu’s momentum.

Then Leiva converted his doublet in the meeting to leave those of Bella Vista without opportunities. Lastly, near closing, Nicolas Damorim sentenced Hindu victory over Regattas 45-18, as a visitor.



RACES (18): 1. Nahuel Saba, 2. Federico Ruiz, 3. Esteban Siandro, 4. Tomás Sanguinetti, 5. Marcelo Toledo, 6. Agustín Medrano, 7. Silver Barrera, 8. Felipe Camerlinckx 9, Marcos Joseph, 10. José de la Torre , 11. Francisco Pisani Caride, 12. Juan Corso, 13. Alejo Barrera, 14. Felipe Torreguitar, 15. Juan Cruz Camerlinckx (C).

HINDU (45): 1. Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa 2. Benjamín Silveyra, 3. Nicolás Leiva, 4. Carlos Repetto, 5. Federico Lavanini, 6. Nicolás Damorim, 7. Nicolás Amaya, 8. Lautaro Bavaro, 9. Lucas Camacho, 10. Santiago Fernández (C), 11. Federico Graglia, 12. Bautista Farisé, 13. Joaquín de la Vega, 14. Agustín Fusoni, 15. Martín Cancelliere.

FIRST TIME POINTS: 5 ‘Try by Lucas Camacho and conversion by Santiago Fernández (H), 11’ Try by Alejo Barrera (R), 17 ‘Penalty by José de la Torre (R), 28’ Try by Nicolás Leiva and conversion by Santiago Fernández (H ), 31 ‘Try and conversion by Santiago Fernández (H), 38’ Penalty by Santiago Fernández (H), 41 ‘Penalty by José de la Torre (R).

PARTIAL RESULT: Regattas 11-24 Hindu

SECOND TIME POINTS: 43 ‘Try by Martín Cancelliere and conversion by Santiago Fernández (H), 46’ Try by Francisco Pisani and conversion by José de la Torre (R), 54 ‘Try by Nicolás Leiva and conversion by Santiago Fernández (H), 72’ Try by Nicolás Damorim and conversion by Santiago Fernández (H).

FINAL SCORE: Regattas 18-45 Hindu