South Africa, ever closer to leaving the Rugby Championship and joining the Six Nations?

Ed Coetzee, CEO of Sharks, predicted that it is a matter of time for the Springboks to join the Six Nations. The CEO of the South African franchise pointed out that it would be natural for this to happen, considering the transfer of South African teams to the United Rugby Championship (Pro 14).

In an interview with the Telegraph newspaper, Coetzee mentioned the possible abandonment of the Rugby Championship World Champions they share with Australia, Argentina and New Zealand, as a natural progression, which is also supported by the large investments made in the competitions European companies by CVC.

“I think it will definitely happen. In turn, I think if we asked them now, they would say that it will never happen. But they would also have said the same a while ago if we asked them if it was possible for us to play in Europe with the franchises, and today it is a reality. ”, Said Coetzee, who in turn added:“ The only thing we have in common with New Zealand and Australia is that we are in the southern hemisphere. There is approximately a 15 hour drive to Sydney, which makes it very difficult to compete. “

Notably, Sanzaar announced last year that SA Rugby had renewed its commitment to southern hemisphere competition. However, it has been shown that, in times of pandemic, any announcement, no matter how planned, can be modified.