The Gladiators fell to France in their Tokyo 2020 premiere

Argentina’s handball debuted with a 33-27 loss to France, the last Olympic runner-up and bronze in the 2019 World Cup.

The Gladiators were able to leave behind a bad start to the game, in which only at 8 minutes they were able to break zero with a goal at pure power from Diego Simonet, to round off a good initial thirty minutes. A quick request for a time-out by Manolo Cadenas at the beginning gave air to a team that recovered from a 6:12 partial where they mainly suffered in positional against a very close 6: 0 defense of the Europeans. The figure of Vincent Gerard in the French bow was also decisive in this negative passage for the National Team.

The Spanish coach’s bet to play with 7 players (without a goalkeeper), the quality of Diego Simonet, the positive income from Pablo Simonet’s bench and several saves by Leonel Maciel reversed a complicated panorama that ended up being very encouraging in the face of the complement. Argentina left France scoreless in the last 7 minutes, scored 4 consecutive goals in their best moment in the 60 minutes of the game and closed the first half 10:12.

In the complement Argentina could not capture that great closing of the first half and despite two consecutive goals from Moscariello again suffered a negative partial that threatened against the possibility of surprising France. This time it was 6 minutes without goals and a 0: 6 that allowed the Europeans to take off again on the board and begin to direct the victory.

Once again Moscariello, with a very good second half, was the one who with a goal from the pivot cut the drought and reinvigorated a team that never lowered its arms knowing that it was important to leave with a short board. And so it was, Cadenas again asked for an important TO, Argentina lowered the losses, had very high points such as the entry of Ignacio Pizarro and although at times he continued to collide with Gerard in the goal, he was able to cut the difference that became -8 to close a final 27:33.

On Sunday, Germany and one of the games that Los Gladiadores aim to win

In a Group A of extreme difficulty with France (Olympic runner-up), Spain (bronze medalist in the last World Cup) and Norway (6th in the World Cup), Germany and Brazil appear as the rivals to beat thinking of a historic quarterfinal qualification in the end, a goal that Argentina could not achieve in London 2012 or Rio 2016.

On Sunday at 11pm it will be the turn of the Teutonic team that in the last World Cup played in Egypt finished in 12th place. In the first round of Group A, Norway beat Brazil 27:24, while in a few hours Germany and Spain faced each other at the close of the first day of competition.

(CAH Press)