Alejandra Valencia and her violin, her best therapy against stress

In addition, the Mexican archer likes to write and draw, and studied graphic design to get into animation and, in the future, tell stories

MEXICO – The Archer Alejandra Valencia, who gave Mexico the first Olympic medal in Tokyo 2020 alongside Luis ‘Abuelo’ Álvarez in a mixed team, has an ally to combat stress: the violin, an instrument that he uses not only in his sporting activity, but more personally.

Alejandra Valencia’s mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Trujillo, says that the athlete likes the violin a lot, a hobby she learned through YouTube tutorials, although she also relied “on an aunt or cousin of ‘Grandfather’; She is a concert violinist and when she found out that Alejandra had a taste for the violin, she told her that she could help her with whatever she wanted and that’s how it was; When my daughter had a question, she communicated with that person. She helped him improve a little bit ”, he adds to ESPN Digital.

The violin has been an important part of Alejandra Valencia’s tranquility, since “after training she plays it. It also helps her at school when she is very stressed “, although once he played a trick on him.

“At the beginning of his career, he took the violin where he went, but not anymore. It is that once in a hotel he played it and those in the adjoining room complained about the noise and notified their coach Miguel Ángel Flores. Miguel saw Alejandra’s need to get rid of her stress and one day he gave her a surprise: he gave her a violin of those so-called mutes, those that are played and with headphones, one only hears the noise, ”Mrs. Trujillo explained to ESPN Digital,

Alejandra has more hobbies in her life outside of archery. Elizabeth Trujillo notes that he really likes to write and listen to music of a Korean group whose name he does not remember, but “it is not electronic music, because my house does not rumble (laughs)”.

“She likes everything. She is extreme, so I tell her. My daughters are created in a Sonoran way; based on effort, they overcome adversity. Alejandra really likes cycling, swimming, and climbing. The more challenges they put for her, it’s fine. “

Within two months, Alejandra Valencia will receive her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, a little late, according to his mother, due to the abnormality of the activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “They warned him before going to Tokyo that he must pick it up. Later he wants to follow the line of animation. He likes to tell stories, write, draw pictures ”.

Elizabeth Trujillo expresses herself of her daughter with great pride and says she is sure that “she is a good girl; It has its foundations, its principles and as a family we have always taken care of being the anchor that keeps it grounded. As Sonorans we are very frank and we say things as they are out of habit; maybe some might feel hurt or it doesn’t seem like Alejandra says things, but it’s not because she’s a bad person, but that’s the way she is ”.