Brisa Hennessy demonstrates great level and advances round in Olympic Games surfing

Brisa Hennessy demonstrates great level and advances round in Olympic Games surfing

La tica finished in second place after adding a total score of 12.20 that allows it to continue ahead in the competition

The Costa Rican surfer Hennessy Breeze managed to pass the first test in the Olympic Games from Tokyo having finished second in a heat in which she was solid from start to finish.

Hennessy went out to ride the waves with an aggressive attitude, she wanted to make sure she had a high score that would put her ahead and put a lot of pressure on them.

In a matter of seven minutes into the heat, Brisa managed to connect two very good waves that ended up giving her a total score of 10.76 that gave an important comfort to the tica against her rivals who were forced to act to improve what the Central American did .

The one who responded first was the South African Bianca Buitendad, which managed to connect a score of 11.14, which surpassed Hennessy but kept her in second place which was the most important.

Hennessy knew he had an advantage but his opponents had already warmed up so it was necessary to do something about it, that is how he waited for the right moment to intervene and managed to make a very good wave that earned him a score of 5.87 that he did. add a total of 12.20 and it was in front of all.

Nevertheless, Bianca Buitendad and the australian Sally fitzgibbons they were restless, the latter attacked and managed to position itself in first place with a score of 12.50.

There were the last few minutes to finish the established time of the competition, there was some uncertainty because Buitendad connected a last hour that made us think that he would be able to go up a step and lower Brisa from the second box but in the end the tica was sustained and finished in that position that allows him to advance directly to the third round along with Sally Fitzgibbons.

This Saturday was the premiere of surfing as an Olympic discipline and Costa Rica showed that it has a very high level with the presence of Hennessy Breeze That lived up to the requirement.

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