Brisa Hennessy grows huge and is among the eight best surfers of the Olympic Games

Brisa Hennessy grows huge and is among the eight best surfers of the Olympic Games

She defeated New Zealander Ella Williams with total superiority and climbs one more notch in the goal of fighting for a medal

The Costa Rican surfer Hennessy Breeze gave an excellent participation this Sunday in the third round of the Olympic Games and advances unobjectionable to the quarterfinals and ranks among the best eight in the world.

The Tica faced the New Zealand Ella Williams who left her unanswered with impressive aggressiveness to take the waves and go up on the scoreboard in just five minutes into the heat.

Hennessy managed to quickly connect two waves that gave her a sum of 9.67 while Williams had barely added 4.63, the outlook was favorable for the Central American who was wide-eyed, intent on improving her score, while her rival denoted discomfort of not finding the wave I was looking for.

The oceanic managed to raise her score to 7.73, which improved her spirits but at that moment Hennesy took the opportunity to give a strong thrust to her opponent’s motivation as she took an excellent wave that was scored with a 6.50 so adding her two best scores reached 12.00 which gave him even more confidence.

There were more than ten minutes before the heat, the time still gave possibilities for Ella Williams to respond but she did not feel comfortable, she did not find the wave to compete against the Costa Rican who had the time in her favor.

Every second that passed they gave the advantage to Hennessy Breeze who continued taking waves hoping that it would serve to improve on the scoreboard although that was no longer the priority, which was to take care of the result that he had in his favor.

In the end Hennessy Breeze He used his ingenuity, with a lot of strategy he continued to bother his opponent until he finished with the victory on his side and advanced with a result of 12.00 against a 7.63 from Williams.

Tokyo 2020 is the first edition of Olympic Games in which surfing is taken into account and Costa Rica it already has a representative among the eight best in the world.

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