Cyclist from the Netherlands celebrates when crossing the finish line, not knowing that he had already lost the gold

Annemiek Van Vleuten did not find out that the road test had already been won by the Austrian Anna Kiesenhofer, who completed the route more than a minute in advance

The cyclist Annemiek Van Vleuten, of Netherlands, reached the goal with his arms raised, after completing the 137 kilometers of the route, believing that he had conquered the Olympic gold in Tokyo 2020. What I did not know is that the cyclist Anna Kiesenhofer of Austria had arrived 1:15 minutes earlier.

Kiesenhofer claimed the gold medal after an impressive escape, never giving in to the platoon, and Van vleuten she apparently never found out that there was a cyclist ahead of her. Kiesenhofer concluded the test with a time of 3:52:45, while Van vleuten set a final time of 3:54:00 to stay, in the end, with the silver medal.

Bronze went to the Italian competitor Elisa Longo Borghini, who clocked a time of 3:54:14, 1:29 minutes behind the Austrian.

Along with his compatriots Marianne Vos Y Anna Van Der Breggen, Van vleuten was considered among the favorites to conquer the women’s route in Tokyo 2020. You took the gold medal in the test in the London 2012 Games, Y Come Der Breggen was the Olympic champion in the test in Rio 2016, but in this edition of the Olympic Games, ended up at sites No. 5 and No. 15, respectively.

“No, we didn’t know there was another runner ahead. When we caught up with [Anna] Plichta Y [Omer] Shapira, we thought we were already competing for gold, “he confirmed Van der breggen, according to the Belgian media ‘La Flamme Rouge’.

In the Olympic road cycling event, the use of radios from the team cars is not allowed, which is common in other cycling events and from which the runners receive orders and information on the status of the race, which could have caused the confusion suffered Van vleuten He arrived celebrating more than just the silver medal that he actually got.

In the same test, the Mexican competed Lizbeth Yareli Salazar Vasquez, but could not complete the route.

Information from EFE was used in the writing of this note.