Joaquín Niemann: "I know how to work to be number 1 in the world"

Joaquín Niemann is just days away from making his debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and due to the high level he has shown in recent months, it is not unreasonable to think that together with “Mito” Pereira they can place Chile in good places in the discipline of golf.

In an interview with Third, the national golfer addressed several topics: from his future challenges to his good present. Regarding the latter, “Joaco” commented: “In each season you find different things and this has been the case. I have found incredible things, I was in the playoff. It was good.”

It is not a secret that the native of Talagante has confidence in himself: “I have enough game to win wherever I want. I know if I’m at my best that week, I’m going to win. I think it’s being as close to that as possible as many times as you can. I think that’s the key to having a very good season. It is difficult to be winning all the tournaments, I believe that nobody does. Golf is a more long-term career and a season is not defined by a tournament, but throughout the year. “

In fact, he assures that it is not unreasonable to think about becoming number one in his discipline: “No, I think that golf hits some very big jumps and you never know when they will arrive. But you do know that they have to arrive. , and you are always looking for golf to reward you that way. I know how to work to be number one in the world and it is a matter of time that is given, a thing that is given to me in the year, a matter of winning tournaments. I know that I have the game, so at any moment it can come out and I can be up there. “

Regarding his next challenges, among which are the Olympic Games, he stated: “Now what remains is the Olympics. Hopefully I can win a medal there; Then come the Playoffs, which is the most important thing, because they define everything that one has done during the year and, playing well these three weeks, influences a lot “.

He also expressed his opinion regarding the arrival of Guillermo “Mito” Pereira to the PGA: “It was highly anticipated. He knew he was going to arrive, it was a matter of time. The Covid postponed it somehow, but he knew it was going to arrive. It cost him a little, because he was playing well and had an injury, which happened a bit after the year he was having. It cost him a bit, but it is part of learning, and I think you can see that he is prepared. Everyone knows that he has the It’s more about coming prepared, and he showed it in the first three tournaments he played on the PGA Tour. “