Mexico loses chance of medal in women's team archery

Aida Román, Ana Velázquez and Alejandra Valencia fell in the Quarterfinals against Germany and were relegated in Tokyo 2020

The women’s team mexican from Archery, integrated to Aida Román, Ana Velázquez and Alejandra Valencia, It was removed in the round of Quarter finals within the second day of activities of the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

The mexicans were without the possibility of fighting for a place in the Semifinal and fighting for the medals, after falling in front of the third of Germany composed of Michelle Kroppen, Charline Schwarz and Lisa Unruh.

In the first set, Mexico lost 48 points against 53 by the team of Germany. In the second set, the European third added 51 units while the Mexicans only got 48 units.

In the third set Mexico got into the fight, by winning 54 for 49 units. This triumph forced one more set to be played, however, in the next attempt the national third party was six points below the Germans.

In this test and after what was achieved by Ale Valencia and Luis Álvarez the day before, Mexico He had the potential to win the second medal for our country.