River Plate vs. Unión (Santa Fe) – Party Report – July 25, 2021

River Plate vs.  Unión (Santa Fe) - Party Report - July 25, 2021

With a solid collective performance, River won 4-0 against Unión at the Monumental for the second round of the Professional League.

In this way the Millionaire added the first victory of the tournament, after the fall by 2 to 1 suffered last week against Colón in the premiere of the championship.

The goals of the match were converted by Braian Romero (12 minutes), Matías Suárez (33), Nicolás De la Cruz (61) and Paulo Díaz (65).

It was the end of a very positive week for River, since on Wednesday they eliminated Argentinos for the knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores by beating them 2-0 at La Paternal.

The game started evenly, and the clearest entry was for Unión, with a shot from Zenón that deflected and almost got into the goal to Armani.

But immediately River was going to take advantage, through its new scorer: Braian Romero, who captured a pass in the small area and defined well from 9 over the goalkeeper.

The former Defense and Justice arrived in Borré’s place and is already showing that he will not make the Colombian miss, taking into account that he also scored the two goals of the victory against El Bicho during the week.

With the result in favor, the best of the Millionaire began to be seen. Collective play, high pressure, search for the wings on the wings … Union resisted as he could.

Until after half an hour of the first half, everything began to be resolved in favor of River, with a goal from outside the area of ​​Suárez, who nailed it in the right angle of Moyano. Party liquidated.

Despite all the Tatengue was shamefully looking for the discount, but each reply from River made the defense of those led by Azconzábal stagger.

In the second half River finished defining the match and the result, with two more goals. First through De la Cruz, after a great team play and cue from Suárez, and then with a goal from Paulo Díaz, also after an assist attempt, from cue, from Julián Alvarez.

Gallardo took the opportunity to refresh the team with changes, since the same 11 that had defeated Argentinos on Wednesday had taken to the field.

In conclusion, for River everything is positive for what is to come. He seems to have regained his memory, his game, his confidence. He returned to find the goal and precision in the final stretch of the court. And it goes for the Cup and the championship.

On Wednesday at 9 p.m. he will have to ratify this great production against Lanús, in the South, which comes after beating Colón, the last champion, 4 to 1.

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