Surf Federation denies having bought tickets from 'Cali' Muñoz to Japan

They claim that they were close to the surfer who made the purchase aware of the risk involved

The hope of a whole country was put on top of that Carlos Munoz achieve his goal of arriving in Japan in time to compete in the Olympic Games After he received a last minute invitation and when it could not be fulfilled, questions arose from those close to the surfer who blamed the National Olympic Committee (WITH) not to send a letter to International Olympic Committee (COI) to delay the event and give him time to get to the attic.

The WITH responded to this complaint and evidenced through letters and even emails that if I sent the request but that there was no response, that if they clarified various points in which they ended up holding the Surf Federation of Costa Rica of Muñoz losing connection in Los Angeles, California.

WITH buy the tickets for Carlos Munoz on a safe route and with clear times for connection. However, the Surf Federation of Costa Rica buy other tickets with just an hour of time to connect between Los Angeles and Tokyo and on different airlines. The WITH warns that it is very likely that this ticket will be lost, a situation that finally occurred, “says the statement from this entity.

So the Federation also decided to refer to this situation, stating that they never bought Muñoz’s tickets and affirm that it was the surfer with a close friend who decided to take the risk of making the purchase of that ticket, even if it was possible that it would be lost. because the goal was to do everything possible to get to Japan on time.

“The Olympic committee acquired the flights for the athlete, but with the aim of achieving that Carlos Munoz Arrived as soon as possible in Japan, people close to Muñoz took the initiative to offer him another plane ticket so that he would arrive faster. These flights were not purchased by either the Federation or the Olympic committeeIt was an initiative outside the organizations ”, they explained.

“Facts such as the delay of departure flights and the start of the competition as established at the beginning in the official schedule of Tokyo 2020, made the athlete not be able to reach his destination on time, “added the Surf Federation of Costa Rica.

Although it was believed that Muñoz was on the flight to Japan at the time of round 2 competition where he was supposed to arrive, this was not the case and the athlete ended up staying in California.