They study changing the schedules of the Olympic tennis before heat complaints

They study changing the schedules of the Olympic tennis before heat complaints

Novak Djokovic was among the players who found it challenging to play in extreme heat and humidity at Tokyo 2020

TOKYO – The Sports Director of the COI, Kit McConnell, announced that the International Tennis Federation (ITF) will review the competition schedules, after receiving complaints such as the Serbian Novak Djokovic due to high temperatures and high humidity during gaming hours.

“A large part of the competition calendar has been made whenever possible, depending on the sport, to avoid the hottest hours of the day. This is not possible in all sports, but there are extensive measures to counteract the heat in all training sessions. and in all competitions, “he said.

With respect to Tennis and after Djokovic considered challenging to play in extreme heat and humidity, McConnell advanced that the International Federation “He is studying” the situation “to address the specific points that came out yesterday.”

The leader of the COI He recalled that “sport by sport” decisions have been made and that in some measures measures have been adopted to allow players to refresh themselves at various times during the matches, depending on the structure between points or between sets “.

Kit McConnell He also referred to the new events and sports included in the Olympic program, such as skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing, with the aim of focusing more on youth and also promoting gender equality.

“There is full gender equality in all these new sports and events, which really underscores our approach to providing gender equality on the pitch as well,” he said.

He also stressed the importance of mixed events in this regard, since, in his opinion, “there is nothing more egalitarian than a man and a woman competing as a single team on the same pitch, to achieve the same performance. sports”.

“For every female quota place that we contribute to the Games we often see that it is reflected in an increase in quotas outside the Games. This also leads to a large investment and development in different countries. They invest in female athletes, so that they get that qualification place, so that they enter a qualification process for the Games. So there really is a positive domino effect, “he concluded.

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