Bob Arum explains how the negotiation will be to do Crawford vs Porter

Bob Arum explica cómo será la negociación para hacer Crawford vs Porter

Bob arum explained how they will carry out the negotiations so that the fight of Terence crawford vs Shawn Porter, ordered by OMB.

“The way we plan to approach it is to talk to the (team) of Porter in PBC and see what they want to do, “he said Arum in interview for Dan rafael of World Boxing News. “Do you want to do it together? Let’s have a fight togetherTop rank Y PBC) on October 9 (for the third fight of Tyson fury Y Deontay Wilder). We will have to see what their position is on this and then they will talk to Porter, we will talk to Crawford and we will try to put it together ”.

The promoter is optimistic about that fight, as he assures that from the side of Porter they also want the fight.

“I know that Porter wants the fight because I had a nice conversation with his father (and coach Kenny porter) a couple of months ago about that fight, ”said the promoter.

Arum said that a few hours before the letter from the OMB ordering the fight, the president of the body, Francisco “Paco” Valcárcel, called him to let him know that it was about to be broadcast.

“I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ I didn’t even know that Porter It was the obligatory one and he said: ‘Terence He hasn’t had a mandatory fight in two years, ‘”he explained. Arum.

A top fighter for Crawford

In the same way, the promoter said happily that the rival of Crawford was a top-notch fighter rather than an unknown opponent.

“Don’t give me these stupid mandates that are non-competitive fights, and because I have a superior champion I have to go and bid the fight and spend a lot of money on a non-competitive fight,” he said. Arum. “When the FIB) made (Apinun Khongsong) was mandatory for (the super lightweight champion) Josh taylorluckily I lost the auction and then (the promoter of Khongsong) Sampson (Lewkowicz) didn’t deliver, so I ended up doing the fight and it didn’t last a round). But this fight with Crawford Y Porter it’s a tremendous fight. “

Crawford vs. Porter fight will not go to auction

In the letter that the OMB sent Arum and the president of TGB Promotions, Tom brown, who represents Porter and handles most of the events organized in Premier Boxing Champions, the sanctioning body gave them 30 days to negotiate an agreement, otherwise an auction will be ordered. The minimum acceptable offer for a fight for the welterweight title of the OMB is $ 200,000.

Arum I was initially planning that Crawford He will return to the ring on October 23, but the promoter no longer sees that date viable.

“October 23 is not at stake and we would not want to do it in October because it would be a pay-per-view and we already have a pay-per-view for October (Fury-Wilder III), so it would be November, “he said Arum.

The promoter reflected, and had some self-criticism. He acknowledged that they had to be forced to do this fight of Crawford vs Porter, to be able to dedicate seriously to put it together.

“People are strange,” he said Arum. “They stay in their own place until some outside force forces them out. This is not a criticism of PBC. It is also a criticism for us. But it’s one thing for a promoter to do it voluntarily. Another thing is that promoters do it voluntarily after an organization has ordered them to do so. Makes it so much easier. All of a sudden, it becomes, ‘Hey, that’s not a bad thing’ when someone else is pressuring you to fight. “WBO letter to Bob Arum

Bob Arum predicts a great battle between Crawford and Porter

Bob arum made it clear that the fight organizer will have a great event on his hands but a great PPV is not guaranteed.

“Whoever does it will have a good fight, but saying it’s a really good fight doesn’t necessarily indicate how well they will do on PPV because Terence It has excelled in the ring but has not excelled as a pay-per-view. With this fight we have the opportunity to do well, “he said. Arum.

“By working with PBC in the fight Wilder-Fury, I’m talking about the nuts and bolts of promotion, they are fantastic people to deal with and I think they would say the same about us. I must say that in the rematch of February (2020) and this (postponed) the cooperation between the two companies and the two teams has been exemplary. I can’t say anything bad, I had a terrible taste in my mouth with (the whole Floyd) for the fight Mayweather-Pacquiao (in 2015) ”, he argued.

The fight Crawford is the last one in your contract with Top rank and it remains to be seen whether they will reach an agreement.

“I think what it will do is yes Spence beat Pacquiao, which is probably the case, the winner of this fight (Crawford-Porter) would be a good showdown next year with Spence“, He said.

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