Briseida Acosta in her debut in Tokyo 2020: “I imagine giving joy to Mexico”

Briseida Acosta in her debut in Tokyo 2020: "I imagine giving joy to Mexico"

He beat a legend in May to go to Tokyo. After defeating Rosario Espinosa, Briseida goes for Olympic glory

Mexican taekwondoin Briseida Acosta will have her first participation in the Olympic Games this monday night when opposite the Italian Rebecca Nicoli, in the round of 16 of the Olympic tournament.

On how he imagines his debut in Tokyo 2020, Briseida commented that, without a doubt, it is visualized with a gold medal for Mexico.

“I imagine being almost invincible, fast and light that flows into the fight, with every kick. I imagine giving Mexico joy, that I’m not going to fit in happiness. “

The Mexican taekwondoin will represent Mexico in the -60kgs category, after getting her place in May against the three-time Olympic medalist María del Rosario Espinosa. Prior to her trip to World Cup lands, the Sinaloa-born declared in an interview for ESPN, not to have any pressure for the results that Espinosa achieved during his various appearances in the Games, including the gold medal in Beijing 2008, the bronze in London 2012 and the silver in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

“It is not pressure, it gives me confidence that Mexico has had and continues to have a medalist and it is more feasible for me. The statistics do not lie, it is a great motivation for me to see that it is tangible. That makes me work harder for the medal. “

Despite the fact that Mexico only has two places in Taekwondo in Tokyo 2020, Acosta considers that our country continues to be a power in this sport worldwide.

“I have always said that the level of Mexican taekwondo is very high. The competitiveness that exists in Mexico always forces you to be constantly renewing. Because behind me they are working for exactly the same thing and you have to remember when you were the one who came behind in that position. So I think Mexico has a great level; It is a world top, what can I tell you “.

After a long dominance of María Espinosa in the Olympic Games, Briseida Acosta will have to assume the new generational baton of the sport of tatami in Mexico, which has traditionally given Olympic medals in the last 20 years.

“I know that María was or is our greatest exponent in this matter, but the moment to represent the Olympic Games is mine. Now I take it with great responsibility, with great emotion to be able to give my best and I think it is important that Let’s do that.And now I am the one who is in the sights and that responsibility motivates me to be able to play a great role; to leave my heart in the area and do it in the best way in this edition of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games “.

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