Odds begin to tighten in bets for Pacquiao vs Spence

Odds begin to tighten in bets for Pacquiao vs Spence

The welterweight champion of the CMB Y FIB, Errol spence jr, opened with the odds of the bets in his favor at 4 to 1, according to BetMGM, about Manny pacquiao, but in recent days, the Filipino has been rising in the preferences of bettors.

Since last week, more people think that Manny pacquiao will be the winner over Spence. Now, the legendary 42-year-old veteran is only 2-to-1 behind in the stakes for his pay-per-view on Aug. 21 in Las Vegas. From 4 to 1, Pacquiao already put himself at a disadvantage against Spence.

In the betting houses Spence has a -240, it is the preferred one of the bettors to take the confrontation, while Manny It has a odds of +200, in terms of a tie it is the result that pays the best.

In other words, people keep betting on PacquiaoDespite the age, height, reach that his rival has and that he will face a multi-champion in the ring.

And in Caliente in Mexico?

The popular Mexican sportsbook, Hot , also has Errol spence as a favorite about Manny pacquiao.

Errol spence he has a -225 going for him. So if you bet 100 pesos and he is victorious, your profit will be your initial investment, plus 44 pesos. You would take 144 Mexican pesos in total.

Pacquiao is with +175, that is, if you bet 100 Mexican pesos to Pacquiao, and the Filipino wins, you will pocket 275 Mexican pesos.

So if the Filipino veteran makes history, you too can make a good deal.

What does Freddie Roach expect from the Pacquiao vs Spence duel

Similarly, the coach of Pacquiao, Freddie roach assured in the work of the fight he has found several errors in Spence’s boxing than in that of Keith thurman.

“I think now is the right fight for him,” he said. Roach, during an interview for Boxing Scene. “I think his last opponent (Thurman) is better than Spence. I’m sure. I have been studying the videos (of Spence) and else. Reviewing what he does well and what he does not do well. And I think it’s a good fight for Manny. I really like the fight, ”he continued.

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