Scientists reveal where Brisa Hennessy’s power comes from

Scientists reveal where Brisa Hennessy's power comes from

The athlete was studied in detail how a high-level surfer is made up

The presentation that the surfer has made Hennessy Breeze has all Costa Rica at the edge of the seat with his excellent role in the Olympic Games.

La tica got among the best eight surfers in the world with an excellent sample of surfing at the highest level, which she is used to practicing since she has been part of the World Surf Tour for two years.

The official accounts of the Olympic Games carried out a special work on how the body of a surfer works and took into account Hennessy Breeze to show where all the strength, skills and other aptitudes that these high-level athletes have comes from. The video was published at the beginning of this year and left very interesting results about the athlete

Performing different exercises with different machines, scientist Dr. Duncan French along with American Olympic medalist Lolo Jones saw all the aspects that make Hennessy an elite athlete.

First they evaluated his body fat percentage, which is 19%, very positive according to the expert.

“She has a fat percentage of 19%, which is very low and shows how athletic she is, if we compare it with other athletes (triathletes) they can walk around 10%, international swimmers have about 25% and it shows how athletic his body is for this sport ”, he indicated.

Likewise, they evaluated their strength in their legs doing jumps, the tica managed to rise by 40 cm above the ground, which is very positive.

“It is an impressive jump, it is very comparative with sports like badminton and others with a lot of explosiveness that requires jumping much more than surfing and shows that physical skills are very important for this sport,” added Dr. French.

They followed up with the strength of their upper muscles with a weight exercise in which Brisa managed to do 24 repetitions on a bench press.

“That is comparable to sports like kayaking or Olympic rowing and sports that require strong large back muscles and shows that you have high levels of strength.

While they finished with a work of strength and oxygenation to know the energy levels emitted from their body in maximum demand, which yielded a result of 141 Watts, which is very favorable and is compared to a tennis player or a judoka.

“It is obvious that Brisa is a supreme athlete and the demands of surfing mean that she has to have great amounts of energy, good strength levels, the ability to be explosive, she has a lot of potential and we are excited to see her,” concluded French.

Hennessy Breeze is a high-level athlete and in Costa Rica are delighted that she represents their flag in a few Olympic Games.

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