The United States, the second region that contributes the most Mexican athletes to Tokyo 2020

The United States, the second region that contributes the most Mexican athletes to Tokyo 2020

With a total of 21 Mexican athletes born in the United States, it is the second region that contributes the most athletes to Tokyo 2020, after the 24 athletes born in Jalisco

The Mexican athletes born in the United States are the second largest group of origin representing Mexico in Tokyo 2020. Of the 158 Mexican athletes in Olympic Games, 21 were born on the other side of the Rio Grande.

The Mexican American contribution in Tokyo 2020 it is only below the athletes born in Jalisco, who adds 24 athletes. The Mexico City, Nuevo León and Sonora add 12 athletes each to the Mexican delegation in Olympic Games; In addition, six states of the Republic do not have representation of athletes in Tokyo 2020: Campeche, Guerrero, Nayarit, Oaxaca, Colima and Tlaxcala.

The Mexican Softball Team has Mexican-American power, because 14 of its 15 members were born in United States, but their Mexican roots made them defend the National Flag and they are one triumph away from giving Mexico the bronze medal, when tonight they face the Canadian National Team.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE) counts a total of 20 million Mexicans in United States, in a spectrum that goes from migrant population, who leaves their place of origin in Mexico, to second or third generation Mexicans, children and grandchildren of Mexicans who gave rise to the largest Mexican diaspora in the world.

Erik del Ángel Landeros, Coordinator of the Council of Diplomacy and Sports Cooperation of the SRE, indicates that Mexico has the largest network of consulates that any country can have outside its borders. More than 50 consulted receive Mexicans in United States.

The Mexican American heritage is also present in Tokyo 2020 through the Baseball National Team, with seven players.

In addition, two Mexican athletes were born outside of Mexico, these are the cases of the tennis player Guilana Olmos who was born in Austria and Prisca Guadalupe Awiti Alcaráz, who was born in Great Britain.

Erik del Ángel explains the case of Sashel Palacios, member of the Softball Selection who was born in Chula Vista, California, and is one of the spokespersons for the Sports Diplomacy campaign called Mexicanas de Oro, where athletes competing in Tokyo describe how they live their Mexican heritage. The athlete found her link with Mexico in baseball and softball.

“Softball connects her to her family and that in turn connects her to Mexico. The campaign has been able to reflect the diversity of Mexicans, because not only are there Mexicans abroad who have dual nationality, there are also Mexicans who are not by birth, but because they chose that way, “explained the SRE official.

The Mexican athletes born in United States represent 13.2% of the total Mexican delegation and a group of 14 women, in addition to Stefania Aradillas, born in Mexico City, are one triumph away from giving Mexico his second bronze medal in the Olympic Games, a medal with the Mexican-American power.

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