Tokyo 2020: Brazil won the South American duel in indoor Olympic volleyball

Tokyo 2020: Brazil won the South American duel in indoor Olympic volleyball

Brazil beat Argentina 3-2 (19-25, 21-25, 25-16, 25-21 and 16-14) on the second date of the men’s indoor volleyball tournament.

On the first day, Brazil comfortably beat Tunisia and Argentina fell to ROC (Russian Olympic Committee) 3-1. For this reason, this clash at the Ariake Arena was of vital importance in terms of positioning in Group B.

Argentina came out to play the game with De Cecco, Lima, Solé, Loser, Conte, Palacios and Danani and although it started 0-2 in the first set, it immediately settled down after a great defense from libero Danani and got 6-3, which forced the Brazilian coach to ask for technical time.

And the work done by Brazil paid off, since they immediately regained the leadership on the board, first by 8 to 7 and then stretching it to 11 to 9, with their preferred weapons: blocking and attacking through the center.

Argentina did not despair. Risking the serve, concentrated in reception and, above all, in defense from what Danani produced, he regained the initiative to put himself 16 to 14 up, which was sustained in the general operation and the excellent distribution work of Luciano De Cecco for reach a maximum of 21 to 16.

Finally the set was closed by Palacios with a tremendous blocking for a 25-19 and 6 points from his opposite Bruno Lima.

The second set started with absolute parity, point by point and with the same trend as the first set, with the Brazilian attack beginning to fall more heavily on the nationalized Cuban Yoandry Leal. And the first light in the result did not appear until Wallace threw an attack outside and Argentina went ahead 8 to 6 and stretched it 10 to 6 with two counterattacks by Palacios, after a succession of defenses the first and pressure from the service in the second.

Right away Brazil adjusted in attack through a couple of appearances by their most important man in the net: Ricardo Lucarelli and got into the game averaging the set 12-13.

This is how it remained until reaching the definition zone, with both teams taking care of the rotation ball with their favorite weapons: Brazil attacking in the center and Argentina varying their attacks all the time. And again the Argentine defense generated a gap 21 to 17 with an attack by Palacios and a blocking by Looser.

Argentina maintained its rotation and with an attack through the center, after another magical qualification from De Cecco, Sebastián Solé closed the quarter from 25 to 21, with another 7 points from Bruno Lima.

Brazil started better in the third quarter with the entry of who up to now was the substitute point guard Fernando Cachopa and went ahead 2 to 0 putting a lot of pressure from the service, a difference that stretched to 5 to 1, at which point Marcelo Méndez called for his first half coach in the game, in which he asked for calm and go back to playing ball for ball.

The difference of 4 remained in the scoreboard and from a succession of blocks it stretched to 5 (13-8), the moment of the second technical timeout requested by Marcelo Méndez.

The trend did not change, Argentina made its first changes in the game looking to recover the game that gave it the advantage in the first two sets, but Brazil was already launched in its game, from a better distribution of the game from the hands of Cachopa .

The differences were stretched to 17 to 11 first and 22 to 14 later, with a general downturn in the Argentine game. Finally Brazil closed it 25 to 16, playing at will.

The fourth set started with absolute parity, with Brazil continuing to press from the serve, but with Argentina recovering its reception standards. The first light, favored Argentina with a touch of Lima in counterattack for the 5 to 3 and a pure power attack for the 6 to 3 and technical time of Brazil.

However, Marcelo Méndez’s team maintained the trend, an ace from Bruno Lima and an error from Brazil in attack led to the result 10-4 in favor of Argentina. There coach Renán made 3 changes, one of them the re-entry of the starting point guard Bruno.

Averaging the set, Brazil reduced the difference with a lot of pressure from the serve to get 11-15. But immediately, the nerves played a trick on Renán’s men and Argentina escaped again 17-11, after a handling error when trying to capitalize on a defense.

An error by Bruno Lima and a blocking by Lucarelli narrowed the gap too much for Méndez’s liking (14-17) and requested a technical time to speak with his players. But Leal’s serve continued to complicate until 16-17, when the nationalized Cuban left the service in the network.

With the income wasted by Argentina, Christian Poglajen entered when Brazil came forward 19 to 18. Without finding solutions in the changes, the Olympic champion escaped 22 to 19. And closed it 25 to 21 to force the tie break.

The final set started with a serve point from Lucarelli, demonstrating the trend of the Brazilian game.

Solé tied it with a block.

2 to 1 Argentina, error in attack by Leal.

2 to 2, Loyal Counterattack.

Brazil 3 to 2, with another against.

3-3, Brazil serve error.

4-3 Brazil. Alan of attack.

4-4 Lucarelli threw out a counterattack.

5-4 Argentina, Leal’s error in attack.

5-5, Alan for attack.

6-5 Argentina, Bruno Lima by attack.

6-6, Lima error in service.

7-6 Argentina, Bruno Lima attacking.

7-7, Alan attack.

8-7, touch of second, Luciano De Cecco and change ends.

8-8, Leal, defender attack.

9-8 Argentina, Facundo Conte attack.

9-9, Loyal in attack.

10-9, Argentina through the Lima attack.

11-9 Argentina, blocking Lima. Brazil Time Request

11-10, Loyal by attack.

11-11, Leal counterattack. Argentina technical time.

12-11 Argentina, serve error Alan.

12-12 Loyal in attack.

13-12 Brazil blocking Mauricio de Souza.

13-13, Palacios counterattack.

14-13 Brazil, Lucarelli attack and match ball.

14-14, Palacios by attack.

15-14 Brazil, error serves Palacios. Second match ball

16-14 attack error Facundo Conte.

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