Aída Román eliminated in Round of 16 of the individual women’s archery

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Aída Román eliminated in Round of 16 of the individual women's archery

The Mexican Aida roman was out in Round of 16 of the Olympic tournament of Women’s archery in Tokyo 2020. The Mexican goalkeeper lost six points to two against the British Bryony pitman, who despite the weather conditions was able to emerge victorious.

In the first round, the European won 28 points to 27 to the Mexican when she achieved two tens and one eight within her first three arrows.

But nevertheless Aida he recovered in the second round to add a total of 25 points to 23 for the British. Roman I take advantage of the bad shot of the European, who in his first arrow obtained six units.

For the third round Pitman he added two more points wl obtain 25 units for 24 of the Mexican. While in the last set the British won the definitive victory, thanks to the fact that the Mexican shooter fired a three-point shot on her last arrow, with which she added a total of 21 points to 27 for the European.

Previously, Roman, silver medalist in London 2012, had dispatched the representative of Tunisia, Rihab elwalid, six points for two, in the Round of 32.

In the first set the Mexican was defeated 27 points by 29 of the representative of Tunisia, with two 10s and one nine, he obtained the two points of the meeting.

In the second set Aida started firing a nine, however the next arrow from Tunisia it was for a five. The Mexican did not take advantage and in her second arrow she shot towards five. Tunisia tied with the second arrow. However, the Mexican after shooting her third arrow of the set got a nine that gave her two points.

With two points for each one, the Mexican opened the third set executing an excellent shot of 10 units, a figure that the representative of Tunisia. On the second arrow Aida he got an eight, but his rival had a seven. The Mexican secured the two points of the set when obtaining 10 units in the third arrow.

In the fourth and last set, Aída Roman she obtained her pass to the next round in a long-suffering way, having a score of 23 points over 22 units that the Tunisian achieved, however, she could not advance to a position of dispute for medals.

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