Alejandra Aybar living a Paralympic dream in her first cycle

Alejandra Aybar living a Paralympic dream in her first cycle

The Dominican Paralympic athlete is preparing to lead a delegation of five athletes who will seek to make history in the Tokyo 2020 Games with the first female participation for the country

About a month ago the Dominican Paralympic swimmer Alejandra Aybar he found out he was going to make a dream come true. Days go by and the native of Azua still doesn’t believe it.

“When that letter arrived, imagine. Everyone was waiting to know the selected ones. When that letter arrived it took me days to assimilate it and I still wonder, is it serious? Are we going to Tokyo ”, Alejandra tells him with a big smile on her face. ESPN Digital, which reveals the emotions you are experiencing and those that are yet to come.

Lourdes Alejandra Aybar Diaz it’s special in every sense of the word. Intelligent, charismatic with a beautiful smile and a positive energy that is transmitted just by talking with her.

The industrial engineer and Paralympic swimmer suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic disorder in which bones break easily and is therefore called crystal bone disease.

But that has not been an impediment for Aybar to become an outstanding swimmer who has already accumulated great achievements and hopes to continue doing so when she travels to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

“I can’t honestly talk about a medal but I go with everything. I’m not going to say no to the medal, you never know. My main goal is to advance to the final. It is a super big event, where the best countries in the world are. But we will give everything for everything to represent the country with dignity, ”says 32-year-old Aybar.

The native of Azua comes from winning a pair of medals in the Berlin World Series in June where he achieved two medals in the 50 and 100 meter categories in the chest modality, he has also improved his marks in two consecutive events and seeks to continue the streak.

“We have been doing intense work in and out of the water, Galvez Capriles my coach, and me. It has been many hours of work and sacrifice. I’m super happy and super positive, ”says the swimmer who will seek to make history as the second Paralympic medal in the country’s history.

Alejandra also recognizes that the road has been extremely difficult and is grateful that she could compete in these times of pandemic when she knows that other competitions have not been able to carry out their respective events.

The swimmer who will compete in 100 meters breaststroke (her favorite modality), 50 meters freestyle and 100 meters butterfly also appreciates the support that the program has given her. Creating Olympic Dreams (CRESO) to finally be able to achieve the Paralympic dream, as well as its training houses that are the Olympic Center and the Naco Club.

“In these times of a pandemic, we have done a lot of mental preparation as well. One as an athlete should not panic about all the restrictions. Our goal must always be to find a way to not lose our rhythm and stay focused on our goals, ”adds Alejandra Aybar, who will soon leave for Japan.

The Paralympic swimmer is also interested in specializing in sports administration and that Paralympic sport and the entire disability inclusion movement continue to grow in the country.

“I think the best way to achieve all this is by raising the flag wherever you go and being 100% academically trained,” Aybar concluded.

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