Brisa Hennessy: wave ambassador who brought Gallo Pinto to heavenly Fiji

Brisa Hennessy: wave ambassador who brought Gallo Pinto to heavenly Fiji

Despite being away from her Costa Rica for many years, she never lost her love for her country and represented it with pride in the Tokyo jousts.

Hennessy Breeze showed that Costa Rican surf has a lot of quality with his impressive performances in the Olympic Games where he achieved a historic sixth place that earned him an Olympic diploma, which has not been obtained since 2008 in a Costa Rican athlete.

Hennessy, 21, is the athlete of the moment in Costa RicaAll the citizens were very attentive to his competitions and they recognized him with great joy for having reached the quarterfinals of such important jousts.

As is already known, the athlete is a native of Matapalo, in the Osa Peninsula, Puntarenas, there she lived for the first nine years of her life with her parents who had a surf school until later she undertook an adventure that has led her to other locations such as Hawaii and currently resides in the islands of Fiji.

Carlos Brenes, an expert in surfing from Costa Rica and close to Hennessy Breeze talked with ESPN and he told quite striking details of this outstanding athlete who won the affection of the whole country.

“She had a more Creole or small-town childhood than many, she lived eight or nine years without water and without light in very rudimentary conditions because the parents are quite nomadic, they like to move to places with good waves, they open a surf school and they live there, ”he said.

“She went to a very small school with only five classrooms in Matapalo, there she met the first local surfers who saw her grow up and at the age of 9 she left and lost her language because in Hawaii she had no place to practice Spanish and what the Mom is that at the beginning she spoke Spanish to the people of Hawaii and she adapted to English and it has been difficult for her to regain Spanish ”, he explained.

The approach

In that town it was where he began to relate to the waves, the boards and what his passion is today, but having left the country at such an early age he lost contact with his place of origin but never lost his identity and his roots. to the land of ‘Pura Vida’, that is why at an event he came to speak with Leilani McGonagle, who told him that she had possibilities to represent Costa Rica and he didn’t think twice to make that come true.

“She was representing Hawaii where she started her sports career and at that time Leilani spoke to her at a competition in Hawaii and said ‘do you know that you can compete for Costa Rica? ‘ and Brisa replied ‘How? I would never have thought that, I want to represent Costa Rica‘Then he contacted the Federation and asked to be taken into account, ”Brenes explained.

His other passion

That decision paid off for her and her country, as seeing her among the best in the world filled all the sport’s fans with pride. Costa Rica And it is that although many have doubted at some point of her roots with this Central American land because of her ancestry or where she currently lives, she has this nation deep in her heart as well as the customs and traditions.

“Her favorite dish is Spotted roosterShe always contacts me and asks for the sauce and sometimes the coriander doesn’t get it everywhere, she is passionate about cooking ”, indicated Brenes.

“You can enter her Instagram profile to find out how she celebrates the Guanacaste dance in every place where she goes, she always likes to cook Spotted rooster with the ingredients that have, to the point that once in Fiji had to cook Spotted rooster with cauliflower instead of rice, that’s her theme, she is almost a professional chef, “he said.

Likewise, he has practiced veganism for more than a year because he has a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and ecology.


See what he did Hennessy Breeze in Tokyo 2020 will not go unnoticed in the world, according to Brenes, many surfers from other countries will put Costa Rica in their plans to come to know the waves, even more than they already do and will also encourage this sport in this same nation where many children, adolescents and even adults will give surfing a chance, thanks to the inspiration that seeing them generated for this outstanding athlete to compete at the highest level.

“You have to understand that Brisa is becoming an ambassador for Costa Rica, is the ambassador of the waves, Costa Rica it receives almost 400 thousand people every year for surfing and with Brisa the image of a surfer country with good waves is reinforced ”, he concluded.

Hennessy Breeze did everything possible to get among the four best in the world in the Olympic Games, which for reasons that got out of her hands was not possible but in her country and everyone sees her as a champion.

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