Mexico closed a bittersweet day in Tokyo 2020

Mexico closed a bittersweet day in Tokyo 2020

In Tokyo 2020, Mexico already lifted its second bronze medal, but was left with the desire to add more medals in Taekwondo and archery

Mexico closed a bittersweet day in Tokyo 2020. On the one hand, the delegation added its second medal at the Olympic Games, with the bronze of Alejandra Orozco and Gabriela Agúndez in synchronized dives. However, he lost in Taekwondo and archery, disciplines in which he expected to see Mexicans in the fight for medals.

Mexico won bronze in diving by little difference

The pair made up of Alejandra Orozco and Gabriela Agúndez managed to get on the podium in the synchronized 10-meter platform dives test. The Mexicans finished in third position, below China and the United States, who added 363.78 and 310.80 points, respectively.

The Mexicans obtained 299.70 points and were very close to Canada, the fourth place, which added a total of 299.16 units with the five dives that Meaghan Benfeito and Caeli McKay executed.

Softball was close to giving Mexico a historic medal

The Mexican ninth had an outstanding performance, but failed to sneak onto the softball podium after losing 3-2 to Canada in the duel for the bronze medal. The Canadians added two runs in the second inning. Mexico recovered in the third with one, but in the fifth, both teams added to put the final score, as they no longer moved in the remaining two innings.

It was the second time that Mexico and Canada met in Tokyo 2020. Both countries met in their debut, in which the Aztecs fell 4-0. However, the Mexicans improved as the tournament progressed and managed to reach the duel for third place.

Aida Román said goodbye with a three

The Mexican goalkeeper started the day with a win over Tunisian Rihab Elwalid, whom she beat 6-2. However, Roman could not go beyond the round of 32, where he fell 6-2 against Britain’s Bryony Pitman.

Roman lost the first set 28-27. He recovered in the second with a 23-25. However, she added two falls, in the third 25-24, while in the fourth, which was the last, a three in her last shot left her out of the competition when she lost it 27-21.

Mexico loses streak of medals in Taekwondo

Mexican Taekwondo lived a bitter night in Tokyo 2020. Briseida Acosta and Carlos Sansores jumped to the tatami as one of the favorites to fight for medals. However, they both lost in their first match.

Acosta fell 21-3 to Althea Laurin of France; while Sansores lost 6-4 against Ivan Sapina, from Croatia. Both negative results leave Mexico without a medal in Taekwondo for the first time since Sydney 2000.

Campuzano equaled result in Tokyo 2020

The Mexican, who competed in mountain biking in the cross country test, finished in sixteenth position, the same place she had in Rio 2016. Daniela Campuzano finished the test with an hour 22 minutes and 50 seconds, almost seven more minutes that the leader Jolanda Neff, of Switzerland, country that occupied the three places in the podium.

Campuzano, with her 1:22:50, was the best-positioned Latin American in the competition. Behind the Mexicans, is the Argentine Sofía Gómez, who was in twenty-third place with 1:25:13.

Debut and farewell for the women’s box

Esmeralda Falcón and Tamara Cruz became the first Mexican women to qualify for the Olympic Games in boxing. However, both did not make it past the round of 32, the opening round of the competition.

Falcón, in lightweight, lost 4-1 to Italy’s Rebecca Nicoli, while Cruz, in welterweight, was beaten by Oshae Jones of the United States, 3.2.

Bad luck for Mexico in the triathlon

Claudia Rivas and Cecilia Pérez failed to finish the triathlon test. Rivas left the event after swimming 950 meters due to injury, while Pérez left the competition because he struck out a tire on his bicycle at kilometer 20, when he was in 33rd place.

Sofia Reinoso stayed far from the final in slalom kayaking

The Mexican finished in the twenty-first position in the kayak semifinal with which she failed to advance to the final, to which only the top 10 finishers passed.

Awiti fell in his first match

Prisca Awiti Alcaraz did not make it past the first fight in judo. The Mexican, born in England, lost to Gankhaich Bol, from Mongolia.

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