Mikael Aprahamian: “Although I did not achieve my great goal, it makes me feel proud to know that I gave everything and much more”

Mikael Aprahamian: "Although I did not achieve my great goal, it makes me feel proud to know that I gave everything and much more"

Mikael Aprahamian spoke out publicly after debuting and being eliminated against Swede Robin Pacek at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the category up to 81 Kg. The Uruguayan judoka was satisfied with what was done in the fight and thanked the support received from his country.

Speaking to the National Sports Secretariat, Aprahamian commented: “I am happy with what we raised with the coach because we blocked him very well, he did not take any action, we took a penalty, I was going to attack and attack.”

“This means that we are at the level, this is not only coming to the Games but knowing that we can compete and that we are at the level of a European Grand Slam medalist, that we went to the point of gold because we blocked it and because we know what to do, well we have to continue ”, valued the Uruguayan.

The fight that faced the South American judoka, number 82 in the world judo ranking in the category of up to 81 kilos, and the European (number 28 in the world ranking) had to go to ‘Golden score’ (tiebreaker) after four minutes of great parity . In the golden point, Pacek ended up winning by ippon, after the Uruguayan suffered a muscle injury while stopping the rival action.

Aprahamian explained: “I stopped the action, he locked it, I opened my legs and the rear one couldn’t hold me and he cracked, and I loosened. In principle it is a tear, nothing out of the ordinary, high performance sport is healthy, but sometimes it is not healthy. You have to live with this every day, it is part of the process ”.

Dr. Daniel Zarrillo, medical chief of the Uruguayan delegation, commented on Radio Sport about this injury: “It is clinically a tear, which we have to confirm imaging. He has very severe pain in the upper third, with all the clinical appearance of a hamstring tear. Later we will study in depth, but obviously it is what removed it from the competition due to the functional impotence that it generates. It is a muscle injury to the upper third of the left hamstring ”.

The Uruguayan judoka appreciated being able to continue the path of his brother Pablo, who also competed in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in judo, finishing seventeenth in the –100 kg category. Mikael affirmed: “It is something familiar and it is a joy to continue with my brother’s legacy, this does not stop and we must continue”.

The competition ended up winning the Japanese Nagase Takanori, who in Rio 2016 had achieved the bronze medal. The silver medal was obtained by Saeid Mollaei, representative of Mongolia. The Austrian Shamil Borchashvili and the Belgian Matthias Casse (World Cup champion in June) ended up taking the bronze medal.

Finally, Aprahamian said in relation to the encouragement he has received virtually in the hours prior to his fight: “To all of Uruguay, thank you very much; I felt a lot of support and that means we were not alone. That made me feel very happy, we must continue with that to continue promoting sports, it motivates us athletes to continue growing ”.

This Tuesday, in his social networks he expressed: “Thank you very much for the words of encouragement that I was receiving, they have embraced my heart. Although I did not achieve my great goal, it is not the best to lose, it makes me feel proud to know that I gave everything and much more ”.

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