Tamara Cruz hours to debut in Tokyo 2020, and to fulfill her father’s dream

Tamara Cruz hours to debut in Tokyo 2020, and to fulfill her father's dream

When Tamara got her ticket to Tokyo 2020, she had to wait for her father to return from the high seas to communicate with him and give him the good news.

Tamara Cruz, will make history at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, by becoming tonight together with Esmeralda Falcón to be the first Mexican boxers to represent our country in the most important fair of world sport. Cruz will make her debut in the women’s welterweight category against American Oshae Jones during the round of 32 of the Olympic tournament.

With tears in her eyes, the Sinaloan commented in an interview for ESPN, that Her taste for the ring was instilled by her father, who in his youth was an amateur boxer and who, after her birth, Mexcana put aside his dream of becoming a professional boxer.

“My dad taught me to defend myself, he taught me to box and he took me to the gym where he trained at eleven years old and there I stayed with my teacher. He was an amateur boxer, he was also a national champion, then he left boxing because he had to work because I was born, but his passion was instilled in me. He is always correcting, helping me, motivating me and I think my father has been my greatest driving force, my father I think I owe him the most, I owe him this and it is something of both, it is our dream and we are going to fulfill it “.

After obtaining her ticket officially for the Olympic tournament, the Mazatlan-born commented moved that After four days he had the opportunity to communicate to his father the good news about his qualification for Tokyo 2020, because he was in the waters of the Pearl of the Pacific doing his activities as a fisherman, job in which he has worked to help his family move forward.

“My father works outside of Mazatlán, he works in the sea, he is a fisherman and I had no way of communicating with him. I contacted him about four days later and I sent him a message and I told him that we had achieved it that we were fulfilling the dream together and Thank you very much for always supporting me, he is crying happily, both of us are very excited and, as I said, it is the dream of both of us and we are going to achieve it together.

Tamara is aware of the responsibility that represents Mexico in one of the disciplines that has given our country the most medals in the history of the Olympic Games.

“As has always been known, Mexico is a world power in Boxing, this time it is not the exception. Our team is quite strong and Rogelio Romero is a fairly experienced boxer, Esmeralda too. They are very brave, they are very disciplined, very strong. We all have the desire to get ahead, to seek something better for ourselves, to seek the best for our families, as I told you, we have all remained very disciplined, courageous, focused, dedicated to what we like by supporting each other “.

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