Tom Dean, from coronavirus to Olympic gold

Tom Dean, from coronavirus to Olympic gold

TOKYO – The British Tom dean contracted COVID-19 not once, but twice, facing the Olympic Games, sowing the doubt of whether he could reach the just national qualifying, no longer tell Tokyo.

He made it to both events and accomplished much, much more, winning gold Tuesday in the 200-meter freestyle to lead a historic 1-2 in swimming for Britain with his compatriot Duncan scott, who kept the money.

“This is the greatest achievement of my life,” he admitted. Dean.

It was also the first British 1-2 in an Olympic swimming pool in over 100 years, since London 1908.

Dean he wasn’t sure he could swim this way in January, when he contracted COVID for the second time in four months. His cardiovascular system was affected, he suffered lung damage and he couldn’t stop coughing, he said. Obviously, he had to stop training and remain in quarantine inside his apartment.

The April national tournament was just three months away.

“Olympic gold was a million miles away,” he said.

“Is incredible. It is a dream come true to have gold around your neck ”.

Countless Olympians have stories to tell about how the pandemic affected their preparation for Tokyo and created much more complicated conditions than normal. But few have felt the effects of the disease more directly than Dean… and twice.

Even after the first symptoms of his second infection disappeared in January, he was unable to return to the pool immediately due to the lingering effects on his body. He was out of the pool for six or seven weeks, he said, trying to regain strength.

“I was thinking about how I could recover from this in time so that I could have a solid training before the playoffs,” he said. “It was difficult to get used to the idea during an Olympic year.

“My life was not at risk, but when you play sports it affects the cardiovascular system a lot, and you can feel how it affects your lungs, coughs and all that, you worry a little about how you are going to recover.”

Dean, 21, feared she had missed her chance to debut in a few Olympic Games, but he gives credit to his coach David McNulty for reassuring him and helping him regain strength.

The triumph of Dean It was a surprise within the British team, especially when Scott it was considered like favorite to the gold. Dean surpassed Scott by just four hundredths of a second, and incidentally snatched the national record.

“It was great. Especially with everything that has happened this year, “he said. Scott, who took defeat gracefully.

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