Víctor Estrada: taekwondo hits rock bottom, María del Rosario “made up” with her medals

Víctor Estrada: taekwondo hits rock bottom, María del Rosario "made up" with her medals

Estada believes that the Federation must rush a diagnosis if they want to reverse the situation by 2024 in Paris

The Olympic medalist Víctor Estrada believes that taekewondo in Mexico has hit rock bottom and that María del Rosario Espinoza was the one who covered what was happening by getting medals in the Olympic Games.

“I don’t think it’s a bad time… I think taekwondo is hitting rock bottom and it isn’t one day, It is a process from a long time ago, where there were already yellow lights, there was already a traffic light that told us that something was happening, “he told ESPN Digital.

For Mexico, the possibility of obtaining a medal in Tokyo through taekwondo disappeared after Carlos Sansores and Briseida Acosta fell in their respective confrontations that left them out of the fair, thereby cutting the country’s streak of winning at least one Medal in this discipline since Sydney 2000.

Estrada, who won a bronze medal precisely in Sydney, said that sometimes it is difficult to listen to criticism, but that with the triumphs of María del Rosario Espinoza what was happening with the others was covered.

“It is a difficult time for Mexican taekwondo, Since it was an exhibition sport in Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992 until moving to the official part in Sydney 2000 to date, many years have passed, several Olympic Games in which taekwondo returned with at least one medal and today it is cut a streak that must also be evaluated, because in the end I think that in the last two, María is the one who has come out to show her face ”.

“I have been analyzing with concern that until 2008, when the Memo and María medals were won, from there to here I am concerned to see why the other team, removing María, have not given important results in the Olympic Games and have remained the boys in the first or second fights. These are issues that I had been analyzing in the past, but Maria would come and cover the results of the others, she became the glory and covered with her mantle of important results what was happening with the other team “, manifested.

The former taekwondoin considered that now the relevant thing will be for the federation to analyze what has happened and seek to rebuild the path towards the next Olympic Games.

“Today we see two boys who tried to do their best, they did not win a medal. Carlos Sansores … the boy from Croatia (Sansores’ rival) did not have important results, he was not a world champion, an Olympic champion, he was not a boy favorite to win the gold medal; in Briseida’s case it was against a young girl who did not have a record. Carlos’s score was closer by two points, but Briseida’s was 21-3, an overwhelming score, receives a kick to the face, a protection count and it leaves us with a feeling that something is happening ”.

“I think right now The Federation is the one that has to evaluate what is happening and think that for Paris 2024 it is not a cycle of four years, not three, but two because before you have to classify, it will be a cycle of two or two and a half years and there is less time to adjust, see what is happening in athletes and coaches, “he added.

Víctor Estrada recalled that Sansores and Acosta have had relevant results, but that the Olympic Games is the fair maxim in which Mexico must go to win, that it must work “so that we can achieve this again, which is viable, but it is worth it. See yourself in the mirror, evaluate yourself and make a criticism, raise your face, because it is not about stooping, and putting up with criticism. It is about saying you have to put taekwondo where it deserves and the issue is towards managers, coaches and see if it is working well. “

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