What about the Tri Olímpico?

What about the Tri Olímpico?

This is the situation with Mexico, he wins a game, then he loses another, he plays well one day and the next he looks regular.

The Olympic Games It is leaving us good performances, and we will still see more, in sports such as gymnastics, basketball, archery, the one that many people will like or not but that already gave Mexico a bronze medal and could have obtained a silver medal. if the situations of the Olympic athletes were handled well.

It is a very difficult story to be an Olympic and elite athlete in Mexico, due to the difficulties they encounter with managers, federations, the Mexican Olympic committee, with CONADE, the government …

Anyway, for elite athletes in Mexico there are no supports for anything.

But hey, that difficult situation they are going through is immediately reflected in the Olympic Games.

What about the Olympic Mexican National Team? He won a match against France 4-1, which seems to have been asleep that day on the court, with goals from Alexis Vega, Sebastián Córdova, Uriel Antuna and Eduardo Aguirre.

But France, who did not appear in the debut against the Tri Olímpico, reached the second game against South Africa where Gignac gave face scoring two goals and sent the pass for the fourth goal of the match.

Secondly, Mexico He faced Japan, a team that showed that it is going to fight for the medals in its own home, which also has a great player named Takefusa Kuboy, who belongs to Real Madrid and at the moment Mallorca.

But hey, so are the situations with MexicoHe wins one game, then loses another. He plays well one day and the next he looks regular.

Now the challenge is in front of South Africa next Wednesday, July 28, which we hope will win by the minimum to qualify for the next phase. Japan will have no problem against France, they will win or draw, but they will be in the next round to fight for their medal.

In the next phase it will be where everyone must show that it is not easy to win a medal, because in soccer there are also difficulties, and Mexico will have them, very serious, with the teams that it will have to face in case of achieving victory against South Africa, especially if it ends up qualifying second in the group.

This is the situation for him Tri Olympic.

This is the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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