“A dull but effective Tri is in the quarterfinals of Tokyo 2020,” says Estrada in ‘Es Así y Punto’

"A dull but effective Tri is in the quarterfinals of Tokyo 2020," says Estrada in 'Es Así y Punto'

The mexican olympic team soccer team advanced to the quarterfinals of Tokyo 2020, after thrashing South Africa 3-0 and finish second in Group A behind Japan. In this way, he will have to face next Saturday to South Korea, a team that finished as leader in Group B.

Is the performance of the equipment Jimmy lozano at the tournament? This question was addressed by Dionisio Estrada in this Wednesday’s edition of the podcast ‘It’s so and that’s it’, giving a clear and forceful answer. “Good for Mexico for focusing on beating South Africa and ending up beating it. Although the team did not shine, it was effective and left positive aspects to rescue ”, he initially maintained.

While acknowledging that the game was messy and that Mexico only had good intentions that were enough to win, the host of the program said that “he reached the quarterfinals without messing up his hair and doing little. Because the game had 30 minutes to spare and because in the second half he played at half machine ”.

“On a positive note, I recall that Henry Martin returned to the goal, which can give him confidence for the most important stage of the competition and also get rid of the anxiety to score. However, I still have the bitter taste of the silly expulsion of Carlos Rodríguez when the game was 3-0. Mexico had it under control and now they will have to face South Korea without the midfielder ”, highlighted Estrada.

Speaking of the next rival of the Tri Olympic, he stressed that “South Korea is a difficult team. He comes from scoring 10 goals (4 to Romania and 6 a Honduras) in the last two games, they finished as the leader of their group and in the last 4 matches they had in the Olympic Games, Mexico could never win. It can be an accessible rival, but I have no doubt that the Koreans will be thinking the same of Mexico. “

The tournament already has the 8 teams that will seek a medal, a list that is made up of those already named Mexico, Japan and South Korea, in addition to Brazil, Spain, Egypt, Ivory Coast Y New Zealand.

Later, the driver of ‘It’s so and that’s it’, chose France, Germany Y Argentina like great disappointments. “I found the French to be regrettable, shameful and even cynical, although I must admit that I expected much more from Germany and also from Argentina, who will now have to prepare their suitcases to return to their countries. In a certain way, Argentina was to be expected, since at the last minute, several clubs decided not to give their players for this tournament, which had to change a large part of the squad. In any case, I did not think that Egypt, a team that reached the last date with a draw and without scoring goals, would end up leaving it out ”, he emphasized.

Finally, Estrada reiterated that he does not see the easy way for Mexico to reach the semifinals. “I reiterate that South Korea has scored 10 goals in two games,” he remarked.

“You have to be realistic and not trust yourself. If we think that South Korea can be accessible to Mexico, it may also be that the rival thinks the same of this Tri Olympian. I do not doubt that Mexico can win and go to the semifinals, but it will be better to remember the statistic that in the last 4 meetings between the two in the Olympics, South Korea has not known defeat. In short, I do not deny Jimmy Lozano’s team the possibility of winning and being a semifinalist, but I do not think it is a procedure or an easy task to complete, “he concluded.

Note: the edition of ‘It’s like this and period ‘, also includes the opinion of Dionisio Estrada on the situations of Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland in European football.

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