“Age is just a number,” says De La Hoya on his return

La edad es sólo un número, asegura De la Hoya sobre su regreso

Oscar de la hoya will return to professional boxing at age 48 to face the former UFC, Vitor Belfort on September 11 and said he felt very well despite his age.

“I feel like age is just a number and I have yoga to literally thank. It’s not a damn joke, yoga almost saved my life, “he said. From the pot at the first promotional press conference. “I am doing it for me. I’ve had a fucking crazy life. Sorry if I get excited. I have done this for 35 years. I have always done it for my family and fans around the world. I got in the ring and I left everything because I love what I do. I love what I represent for people. But I am finally fighting for myself. I do it for my children. By Devin, by Jacob, by Atiana, for the little Oscar, by Victory, for me, especially. I can not wait”.

From the pot noted that he has been widely criticized for wanting to return to the ring at his age, despite the fact that he has been retired since December 2008 when he was devastated by Manny pacquiao


“I am at peace. I finally got here. I’m getting fucking excited. It has been a fucked up fight, “he said. From the pot. “People can talk all they want, but I will never give up.”

What does De la Hoya expect from Vitor Belfort?

Questioned by how strong and complicated his rival will be, who is 44 years old and throughout his career showed power in his fists, the Mexican-American assured that he will arrive very strong.

“(Fight against Belfort) it’s going to be hell, but I’ve been through hell and back ”, he warned From the pot. “There is nothing that can scare me. There’s nothing that can break me, not all the shit, whatever. I am strong as a rock (mentally). I’m just going to apply it ”.

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