Alexis Vega tops the list of approved players in the Tri Olímpico after the group stage

Alexis Vega tops the list of approved players in the Tri Olímpico after the group stage

The Chivas player was the most outstanding player in Jaime Lozano’s Tri in the first phase of Tokyo 2020.

The Mexican team finished the group stage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics at the second site in Sector A. Those led by Jaime lozano they had two triumphs, product of the victories against France and South Africa, for a defeat, same that was against Japan, a team that qualified in the first place.

The overall performance of the Tri Olympic It was good, since they achieved the first objective, which was to advance to the quarterfinals, in which they will be measured at South Korea the following Saturday at 06:00, Central Mexico time.

In spite of everything, at the individual level there were significant differences in the performance of the pupils of the ‘Jimmy’ Lozano. Although it is normal for some players to shine more than others, in this case there were elements that left much to be desired in terms of their performance.

It was Alexis Vega, Chivas player, who took the lead as the best player in the regular season. The forward scored two of the eight goals scored by the national team in the first three games.

Vega’s goals were against France and South Africa, in addition to that due to his performances on the field, he was nominated as one of the best players in the regular phase. The Mexican competes with players like Takefusa Kubo, from Japan, and Richarlison, from Brazil.

Similarly, Diego Lainez Y Uriel antuna they were among the elements with the best performances. Lainez was unbalanced in the game against France and although he did not have his best moments against Japan, he helped to counteract the superiority of the Japanese by holding the ball well on the right wing.

For his part, although Antuna He was not a starter in the first two games, instead he showed interesting things, he scored a goal against France and gave an assist against South Africa. Even in the last game he started as a starter instead of Diego Lainez.

Other notable players were Jorge Sanchez Y Guillermo Ochoa. America’s players were among the most notable in the lower zone. In the case of the Mexican goalkeeper, he acted as reinforcement and captain of the national team, in addition to being the voice of command in the field, while Sánchez adapted well to the right wing.

Those who did not do so well went to Johan Vasquez already Cesar Montes. Both central defenders had a match to be forgotten against Japan. In Johan’s case, he was sent off and missed the match against South Africa due to the red card.

The Pumas player was overtaken by the speed of the Japanese and barely kept pace, so in the second half he made a charge from behind at the wrong time. Meanwhile, the ‘Cub’ made a penalty against France, was widely surpassed by Takefusa Kubo and Ritsu Doan; and returned to make a penalty against the Japanese. He also won a yellow card that put his ownership at risk against South Africa.

Finally, a player who had ups and downs was Carlos Rodriguez. Although the game against France had no complications in midfield, against Japan it was overtaken by the speed of the Japanese midfield and earned a yellow card, which is why Jaime lozano He pulled it out, to avoid his suspension.

However, in the game against South Africa, he innocently took a red card by cutting off an advance by the Africans, so he will not be able to be in the quarterfinals against South Korea.

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