Fiji beat New Zealand 27-12 and is the two-time Olympic Games champion

Fiji beat New Zealand 27-12 and is the two-time Olympic Games champion

This Wednesday the Tokyo Men’s Sevens 2020. Fiji managed to keep the gold, while New Zealand with the silver medal and The Pumas 7s with the bronze, making a historic tournament. In turn, Great Britain was in fourth position, South Africa in fifth and United States in the sixth.

Final results


Fiji defeated 27-12 a New Zealand and defended the gold medal achieved in Rio 2016. The island cast remained at the top of the podium, while New Zealand with the silver.

The Pumas 7s made history in Tokyo. The Argentine team beat 17-12 to Britain and took the podium with the bronze medal. Thus he gave the first to Argentina in the Olympic Games.


For a place in the grand finale of the Olympic Games, New Zealand He started handling the ball and, despite the great British defense, finally the Kiwis managed to break the barrier and reached the first try through Curry. However, on the immediate play Norton took the ball from the left to Britain and did not stop until the rival ingoal to leave the matter even at 7. At the end of the first stage, Ware gave New Zealand a partial advantage to go to the break 14-7.

In addition, the All Blacks had to fight a lot especially at the beginning to get a greater distance on the scoreboard and thus came Ware’s second conquest. Later, through the ingoal arrivals of Collier and Curry, the New Zealand team declared victory 29-7.

On the second shift, after a very even first half, Fiji uncovered in the snap and defeated Argentina 26 to 14.


In the first duel for the definition of the position 11, Japan had a tough game against South Korea but he finally defeated him in trouble 31-19 with tries from Kano, Hikosaka, Tuqiri, Hano and Matsui. Then after closing the initial stage up 7-0 with a conquest of Olindi, Kenya reconfirmed his good game against Ireland with more tries from Ojee, Taabu and Ambaka to win 22-0 and win position 9.

Subsequently, the semifinals took place in the fight to be in fifth place. On the first shift, United States and Canada They starred in a high-impact duel with a phenomenal round trip that was defined in the final moments thanks to a try in the closing of Carlin Isles that allowed his team to win 21-14 and go to the final by 5th place.

Finally, in the previous the semifinals for Olympic medals, South Africa he had no mercy before Australia and after a great match with tries in the first half of Soyizwapi, Brown (2), resisted the rise of the Aussies in the complement and finished up in the result by 22-19, which will allow him to play the final for fifth place against the United States.

Australia had no major difficulties to beat Canada 26-7 and he stayed with seventh place, improving the position in which he was in Rio 2016, where he finished eighth.

In the match for fifth place there were no equivalences since South Africa unscrupulously beat USA 28-7 and ended the tournament with a smile despite going down a notch compared to the previous Olympics.


1- Fiji (Gold)
2- New Zealand (Silver)
3- Argentina (Bronze)
4- Great Britain
5- South Africa
6- United States
7- Australia
8- Canada
9- Kenya
10- Ireland
11- Japan
12- South Korea

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